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Hart and Sims Back On The Ballot in Idaho

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

Hart and Sims Back On The Ballot in Kootenai County

Hart and Sims Back On The Ballot in Idaho

*Edited to reflect proper locations of candidates. Phil is not in Kootenai County – he is District 7 which is Bonner, Shoshone, Clearwater and Idaho counties. Kathy is District 3 in Post Falls area. 

by Shari Dovale

Drama last week saw two candidates removed from the Primary election ballot. Happening just days before the vote threatened havoc within the political community. However, the situation has been rectified and both candidates are back on the ballot for the upcoming election.

We discussed the situation with Brent Regan, who is the Chairman of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) and he has done his due diligence following and keeping apprised of this situation. He explained to me the details of what happened in an email:

“Late last week I heard that Phil Hart (District 7) had been disqualified from the primary by the Assistant Secretary of State because he registered to vote two days short of the 1 year requirement they claim exists. On hearing this I reviewed the voting records and found that Kathy Sims had re-registered in February of 2018 after having moved a short distance from District 4 to District 3 around June of 2017.

I called Kathy and explained the situation. She immediately recognized the danger and contacted the SOS’s office on Monday. The SOS decision was to disqualify Kathy as well. No good deed goes unpunished. Her attorney met with the SOS on Thursday in Boise with no success. Friday, in District Court, Art Macomber made the case to Judge Christensen that the Clerk should be blocked from scratching out Kathy’s name and that the voters should be allowed to chose. The judge agreed and issued an immediate injunction to Clerk Brannon, who was sitting in the courtroom.

After, I spoke to Phil Hart and his motion was declined by a judge in District 7 without a hearing. What SHOULD happen is that the SOS should recognize the logic in Christensen’s decision and drop efforts against both Sims and Hart.

I would also like to point out that the other D3 candidate, our Vice-chairman Tony Wisniewski, has been a complete gentleman thought this difficult process. Even though a Sims disqualification would have guaranteed him a victory he was supportive of the process with the desire to have the law fairly applied.”

On Monday, the answers came, and it showed that both candidates would be reinstated on the ballot.

From Brent Regan:
Response from the SOS. Hart is back on the ballot.
Thank you for your thoughtful remarks. In all fairness I don’t think that I can allow one candidate to be on the ballot and deny the other, so I will be instructing the county clerks, to keep Phil on the primary ballot.

From Phil Hart:
As you may have heard, my name was removed from the ballot and then added back on after a successful court battle.

Many ballots were mailed to voters in District 7 with my name crossed off. If you want to vote for Phil Hart, and you received a ballot with my name crossed off, please just write in my name.

If you already voted with a ballot that had my name redacted, but you want to vote for me – please contact your local county voting office to request a new ballot. Hopefully, they will provide one! Thank you!!




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