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Follow The Money in This Election

I would urge voters to re-elect Heather Scott.

Follow The Money in This Election

Follow The Money in This Election

The most current campaign finance report available from the Idaho Secretary of State confirms Rep. Heather Scott’s overwhelming grassroots support in District 1A. Hundreds of donors gave a total of $44,663, mostly in small amounts to her campaign. A mere 15% of the total came from out of the district, also in small amounts. Clearly Rep. Scott’s reputation for honoring citizens’ concerns and standing for liberty transcends District boundaries.

A fourth-generation Idahoan is Rep. Scott’s opponent in the primary, Mike Boeck. Mr. Boeck is quick to tell folks about his long family history in Idaho. We don’t know why with Idaho roots going back to his great-grandfather he is not getting substantial campaign support from District 1A voters.

His most current campaign finance report lists 65 donations totaling $21,389. $15,000, a whopping 70%, came in $1,000 chunks from Big Timber companies, their affiliates, lobbyists, a senator who works in the timber industry, and a timber PAC. Of those big-donors $11,000 came from companies and individuals who live outside of the district or the state. With no, none, ZERO legislative record to his name, what’s in it for these timber industry donors?

Your choice is clear this election: Rep. Heather Scott a person who has proven she is a fighter for the all the people in District 1A, a person dedicated to Draining the Swamp or someone who is being funded and groomed by Big Business to help fatten their pockets and deepen the swamp.

Vote on May 15!

Spencer Hutchings
Cocolalla ID


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