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Engelhardt is the Professional Choice

May 15th, vote Dennis Engelhardt for Bonner County Assessor.

Engelhardt is the Professional Choice

Engelhardt is the Professional Choice

I want to share with the voters of Bonner County my professional experience working with Dennis Engelhardt as my manager. Dennis was always supportive of his staff and encouraged everyone to do their best. As a woman in the male dominated law enforcement profession I appreciated the fact that Dennis treated everyone as equal members of the team judged on merits and encourage to improve themselves and their career.

In addition to being a commander Dennis managed the Critical Incident Team for our sheriff’s department tasked with assisting the families of deputies killed in the line of duty. It was while working for him in this assignment I observed first hand Dennis’ compassionate ability to comfort survivors, and provide that level of support and direction needed to help get them through all the logistics associated with the loss of a loved one and a funeral service attend by thousands. With all this responsiblity Dennis still took the time to ensure those of us working on this emotional task were okay.

I don’t know what all the duties of an assessor are, but I can tell you that if we elect Dennis Engelhardt to the position they will be done professionally and with dedication.

D Pike


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