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Endorsing Scott Herndon for Idaho State Senate

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

Endorsing Scott Herndon for Idaho State Senate

Endorsing Scott Herndon for Idaho State Senate

Thankfully, I was able to take some time away from work to attend the candidates forum along with my Wife at the BF highschool back on the evening of April 11th. It seemed there were several decent candidates vying for various positions on stage at the event. As for those running for the Idaho Senate District 1, one individual stood out in particular, his name is Scott Herndon.

In large part, he stood out due to the clarity with which he speaks and his eagerness to bring up the rules(boundaries) that our public servants are bound to support and abide by.

As a good many of us understand, commonly, elected officials begin their term by making a promise or taking the oath, a public promise to support and defend the US constitution and or the state constitution of the elected individual. Taking the oath should not be perceived as some sort of antiquated formality, but rather a mans word, a promise to actually follow the rules. Scott’s eagerness to consistently bring up those rules, (ie; the Constitution) and the relevance to the current event political issues that were discussed that evening , has me confident that when in office,
he honestly intends to keep his word and to actually abide by them.

His platform:
To audit the Idaho state gov on its compliance with 1. the idaho state constitution and 2. the us constitution.
To actually sit down and evaluate each and every piece of new legislation through the lens of the US and Idaho constitutions .
To reduce the size of the governmental footprint
To be a watchman for our constitutional rights

His experience:
Former Bonner County jail Chaplain.
Among his opponents, he is the only one with a finance degree which would be helpful considering every bill has a fiscal impact and, when in committee, must be evaluated by the committee for its financial implications on the state budget.
Scott has16 years experience as an Auditor plus was an Accountant and software programmer for very large corporations.
Scott is a Father of 8, Husband, Homeschooler, Home Builder, Woodworker, Construction Company Owner &
Public speaker.

It is with trust and confidence that I endorse Scott Herndon for Idaho State Senate District 1.

John Miller


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