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Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner

Vote Leslie Duncan, Kootenai County Commissioner on May 15th

Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner

Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner

The proper role of government is to protect life, liberty and property. When the government steps out of this role, injustice abounds.

My goal as a Kootenai County Commissioner is to restore government to its proper role. I will accomplish that by applying my principles to the issues before me. Principle one, does the issue align with the US and Idaho State Constitutions? Two, does it limit government? Three, does it comply with state statute? (Eighty percent of what a commissioner does is defined by statute.) And four, how does it effect the citizens of Kootenai County?

Government is supposed to protect our liberties, not govern our lives. As Chairperson of the Aquifer Protection District, I was able to facilitate an 18% fee reduction for this present fiscal year. Fiscal responsibility is who I am. I will be honored to serve as Kootenai County’s next commissioner.

Leslie and her husband have lived in Kootenai County for 19 years and own 17 acres. They have two children. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and spent 10 years in law enforcement.

Working in remote sports television from 2000 to 2014, she home schooled her children and managed their company. In 2014 she changed focus from television to be more involved in our local community as she became aware of issues facing our county.

Being appointed to the Kootenai County Aquifer Protection District Committee that same year, she now serves as the Chairperson for the APD. She also serves on the Women’s Auxiliary Board for UGM’s Center for Women and Children and is president of her local water district.

Please vote Leslie Duncan, Kootenai County Commissioner.

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