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Democrats in Disguise

Be aware of the Democrats in Disguise that have infiltrated almost every race.

Democrats in Disguise

Democrats in Disguise 

There is a charade being orchestrated so don’t wait for the November general election, because the May 15th primary is shaping up to be the most important election this year. There are many courting your vote. Be aware of the Democrats in Disguise that have infiltrated almost every race and you will need to educate yourself.

In the state senate race for Legislative District 1, there is a candidate who holds a current elected position as a board member of Northern Lights, where by opting not to accept the health insurance, he continues to accept a cash benefit of approximately $27,000 a year for his volunteer service. More recently, he voted to change their signature requirement for petitions from 50 to approximately 1200. Is that how he will represent you as a state senator? He has also been endorsed by the outgoing senator; she is praised by several local Democrat committees. These are clear signs that he is not a liberty candidate.

An opponent has risen to challenge Rep. Heather Scott. This gentleman holds an elected office as a Republican precinct committeeman. He is now asking to represent the 50,000 citizens of the Legislative District, yet he has failed to represent those in his own precinct. As an example, he missed the 9 meetings prior to announcing he was running for state office and didn’t even bother to assign a proxy vote for himself. He has also received donations from progressive Democrats and publicly declares he is proud of these associations. A photo of him at a “Reclaim Idaho” meeting is further evidence that questions his dedication to the Republican platform. He’s clearly not a liberty candidate.

Running for County Commissioner in District 3 is the former mayor of Ponderay. She is definitely a proponent of big government and another candidate that is openly supported by Democrats. As mayor, she increased restrictions on small businesses, was instrumental establishing free public transportation with the SPOT bus service, and is proud to have expanded Ponderay’s public works and planning departments.

There has been a lot of marketing by one of the Governor candidates. He is a smooth talker and can tell you exactly what you want to hear to get your vote. However he admits he did not vote for Trump, but wrote in Marco Rubio’s name instead; that’s a shameful vote for Clinton. He wants us to trust him in the highest office of the state? Be wary of the sales pitch and barrage of slick flyers. Also running is the “heir-apparent” who is part of the good old boys network and feels it is his turn but he has done little for Idahoans.

Local Democrats have been encouraging and instructing their members to register as Republicans and yet the Idaho GOP remains silent. Recently, hundreds of known liberals and progressives have c to Republican. These include a county residential appraiser, city council members, a USFS ranger, Indivisible leaders, a local newspaper publisher, former Democrat candidates, climate change activists, and environmentalists. The list is rounded out by several LPOSD administrators who tried to pass the fraudulent $55 million levy including the superintendent, chief financial officer, and facilities director. These people are comfortable lying about who they are.

This is a call to action. The Republican nominee will surely be elected in November. That is the reality in Idaho. Get an absentee ballot, vote early, but you must vote in the May 15th election. Unaffiliated voters can vote solely on the Scotchman Peak question or you can choose a Republican ballot at the polls to vote for the liberty candidates.

Don’t allow liberals to control the Republican Party and decide the general election for you.

Kathy Rose


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