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Dealing With Insanity, Stupidity, And Evil

There was a tremendous force for evil in Germany which allowed and assisted a group of citizens who supported Hitler in his rise to power.

Dealing With Insanity, Stupidity, And Evil
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Dealing With Insanity, Stupidity, And Evil

By Pete Ketcham

All of us, on a daily basis, are amazed by the actions and statements of the godless progressive left. We wonder, are these people insane, completely stupid, or intrinsically evil. I am not sure about the insanity issues, but there is no doubt in my mind that the left is completely stupid and intrinsically evil in dealing with the reality of national issues.


It is obvious that they are consistently illogical in their actions, and motivated by pure evil,  yet they are proven masters of clever deceit, and have been able to use numerous means (legal or not) to move their agenda to it’s present state.


Many of us wonder how such a group of people could arise in America, “the land of the free and the brave” a land with such a proud history of achievement. The very same question can be asked concerning the ascension of the Nazis in Germany in the 1930’s. How could such an evil satanic group take control of a basic christian nation, such as Germany was. I believe the answer to the dilemmas of both nations lies in the spiritual realm. There was a tremendous force for evil in Germany which allowed and assisted a group of citizens who supported Hitler in his rise to power, thus resulting in the slaughter of millions of Jews and brutal imprisonment of innocent citizens. I see this same satanic power taking control here in America, as the insane perverted agenda of the LGBT successfully takes control of state and federal agencies, including the judiciary. They have literally infiltrated every branch of government and industry to the point that it is just as hazardous to your career and business to speak out against the LGBT, as it was against the Nazis and Hitler, the only difference being the degree of punishment.


As in the Nazi takeover of Germany, logic, common sense, and decency has been shredded in this nation by the elitist left. Although the LGBT is the most extreme example of this “new leftist morality”, the  Democratic party has followed in lockstep to support this movement clear into the “twilight zone” as their all consuming hatred of Trump and his supporters increases by the day.


And so, how do we deal with this increasing level of stupidity, (bordering on insanity) and evil coming from the left. We must first recognize that this “force of evil” against the God fearing patriots comes directly from Satan. He is described in the bible as being “the father of lies”, “the great deceiver”, and masquerades as “the angle of light”. Satan is incapable of creating (only God can create), but he can pervert anything.


Thus you have all the elements that guide the godless progressive left ;
1. Lies,
2. Deception,
3. Degenerate politicians masquerading as good and wholesome people.
4. Perversion of marriage and normal sexual relations.


I have not referred to the Bible to say this is all just a spiritual battle, for it is far more than that, but have quoted the bible to illustrate where it all begins. We must rely on God in our battle to save this constitutional nation,  just as George Washington and others did in their battles to create this constitutional nation. I do not believe it was random chance that placed Donald Trump in the presidential office. He defeated sixteen seasoned political opponents in the primary, and a democrat candidate, who, with the help her allies, attempted every dishonest maneuver they could conceive to defeat Trump.  This is akin to George Washington defeating the greatest military power in the world by winning the revolutionary war.


Prayer and faith in God is the basis of our battle against the insanity, stupidity, and evil of the godless left, but we must continue to support the political battle that Trump and his administration are currently engaged in. I am reminded of the combat marine’s statement combining the spiritual and physical aspects of battle as they fought in Iraq:


“It’s God’s job to judge the terrorist, it’s our mission to arrange the meeting”.


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2 Comments on Dealing With Insanity, Stupidity, And Evil

  1. Great write up, Pete Ketcham.
    Might I add it’s not just the LGBT pushing their agenda for control but also the Muslums aka Refugees. Many cities now facing election with those attempting their political careers without the proof of assimilation to Our Society, Our Values, Our Constitution and Our Laws.
    Their are many Puppets but few Puppet Masters, who have had over 8 years to worm their way into Our America,
    Accepting the morals and way of living with the LGBT is one thing but allowing them alone to have more Rights than the rest of us is just plain Wrong as it is for these UN-Assimilated Muslums.
    God Bless America and Our President Trump.

  2. Two thoughts come to mind: 1. Many years ago I adopted an axiom that has held true with consistent accuracy, if I find myself in a situation that makes no logical sense, look for the spiritual cause and address it with prayer. It works. 2. It seems that Godly people have been persuaded to suppress their Biblical principles in public. All the while the non believers are being empowered to “preach” their principles in EVERY arena. Pete’s article offers a clear description of the opposing forces at work and a not-so-subtle call to arms to Godly, common sense people.

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