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Danielle Ahrens Is the Best Choice

Please vote for Danielle Ahrens on May 15th.

Danielle Ahrens Is the Best Choice

Danielle Ahrens Is the Best Choice in Senate District 1 Race

If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that running multiple conservatives alongside a “moderate” almost always places the latter in the seat. We’re at risk for this scenario happening again in this year’s primary.

Although he’s attempting to mask his true position, Scott Herndon is an advocate for executing women who’ve had abortions. He’s on record saying it, and routinely shoves signs depicting aborted babies into the faces of children out and about with their families.

The other conservative in the race is Danielle Ahrens. She enjoys the endorsement of the largest pro-life organization in Idaho: Idaho Chooses Life. She’s a staunch defender of our Second Amendment, and a champion for school security. Danielle has worked tirelessly for years preparing for the job, resulting in the endorsement of congressional candidate Russ Fulcher.

Splitting the votes between the two conservative candidates could send Shawn Keough’s handpicked candidate to Boise, and as conservatives we will have shot ourselves in the foot once again.

I urge you to vote for the candidate who has the best chance to win in the general election, the candidate who’s worked with women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and those victimized by the lucrative abortion industry, and who understands the path to ending abortion is not by punishing women, but through education and compassion.

Please vote for Danielle Ahrens on May 15th.

Jodi Giddings


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