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Dan McDonald Deserves A Second Term

Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15th.

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Dan McDonald, Bonner County Commissioner (photo: Redoubt News)

Dan McDonald Deserves A Second Term

In government, integrity matters. Citizens rely on elected politicians to be transparent, honest and fiscally responsible with the tax dollars they are entrusted with.

Dan McDonald has demonstrated integrity with the authority and resources we have entrusted with. Bonner County Clerk Michael W. Rosedale‘s open letter to Bonner County residents dated April 16, 2018 is irrefutable proof that our trust in Dan McDonald was not misplaced.

Dan McDonald went through the county budget line by line and identified areas where our tax dollars were not being utilized efficiently and took steps with the County Clerks office to change and fix the trend of previous inefficiency.

Bonner County would be wise to keep him as a County Commissioner.

Aaron J. Curtright

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11 Comments on Dan McDonald Deserves A Second Term

  1. From the questions asked about the Newport Smelter at the political get together at the High School on Tuesday of this week, an interesting tidbit came out. That tidbit refuted Dan’s claimed that he doesn’t know enough about the Smelter to make a decision yet, and that all that stuff needs to go through the permitting process before he can say anything on it. Yet, even though he doesn’t have enough info, he, and the rest of the Bonner County Commissioners had to sign off on an approval of the illegal land sale and access into Bonner County that would have to be made for this smelter.
    Unless ears were deceived (or lies were uttered) last evening, even making a vote on this would infer some knowledge of this smelter in particular and other smelters in general. If you don’t have enough info to speak about the smelter now – how could a “yes” vote be given back when it was taken.
    So, yes, Dan might have done some good – everyone at some time does some good – but if this “yes” vote actually took place, then Dan knows a lot more about the Newport Smelter than he is saying even though asked many times point blank about it. The answers Dan gives is always to dance around the topic. If he is for it – say so. If he is not – say that. Dancing around this issue raises questions about other stuff Dan might not “know” enough about to make a “decision”.

  2. Ron, the commissioners mentioned were the Pend Oreille County commissioners in Washington state. Not the Bonner County commissioners. That should have been made clear by the speaker.

  3. Ron,

    Bradshaw was refering to the land deal made by the Pend Oreille County Commissioners. This has been widely reported and has nothing to do with Bonner County. The land seal was in Pend Oreille County, Washington State.

    I.believe it had something to do with some Pend Oreille County land being sold to the PUD. Some have claimed the action was illegal but I’m not sure other than what I read in the Newport Miner.

    Again, not Bonner County Commissioners, Pend Oreille County Commissioners.

  4. And Ron, there is no decision to be made for the Bonner County Commissioners. What we are waiting for is the legal permitting process to take place so we have actionable information on which to form an opinion. That however doesn’t change the fact that we as Bonner County Commissioners, have no authority and our opinion has no more force of law than any other citizen in Idaho for an issue in Washington State.

  5. The smelter is an important bipartisan issue, Ron. However, I’m wondering why we host a forum at a gun free zone? And why are most environmental groups funded by Open Society Foundation,, Seachange, Tides Foundation, and uhhhh Klein Ltd in Bermuda with ties to Russian money laundering? Are you mindlessly slurping their narrative when you allege that your local public servants lie based upon your inferences from moderator questions and candidates responses? Did you know that Lolita Express Hillary Clinton reportedly calls radical environmentalists “useful idiots” when she gives big money speeches? I’m so sick of all you baby boomers acting upset when you are the ones lulled to sleep by project paperclip demoralization.

  6. Conrad, I can see your concern here – thank you for your comment.
    I wasn’t mindlessly slurping from the Russians – but what was spoken of by Bradshaw. So, any slurping was done at the “event”. “Public servants lying”? I don’t need to get my info from the societies you keep company with. Which public servant recently leaving a local office was listed as a Republican, yet voted as a Democrat when it came down to it. And, what about all the “public servants” that we voted in – as Republicans – who thought that the Patriot Act was a benefit to our safety, or that the Affordable Care Act was something to be voted for to help ALL the Americans. The same ones which promised to repeal Obamacare if they had the House, the Senate, and the Executive? Yeah, that worked out. Politicians, as a general rule, say anything to get elected – ANYTHING, and are only about keeping their jobs, not about what is best. You have heard the old adage “how do you know when a politician is lying”, haven’t you? Well, I want to know what the ones I am voting for believe, and what they stand for. If I have to ask questions two or three times to get the same answer I will. Heather Scott, I trust, Sage Dixon seems on the level. Maybe a few others and that list is growing and can grow. Or shrink. I voted Dan the last time because I liked what he said back then – but this smelter thing is big to me because I don’t want my children growing up in air like Los Angeles in the 70s. If I have to change my vote strategy to get folks out who don’t care about our quality of life, I will. My comments have nothing to do with liberal environmentalists and their mouth pieces and I am far from an “environmentalist”. I would like us to be good stewards of the lands where we live – and it seems to me that this is where the GOP can fall short. Just because I don’t trust a Canadian company (or any company) who wants to build a smelter that could (based on the other smelters in WA state) pollute our way of life doesn’t make me one of your “useful idiots”. Go to places where there are smelters and talk to those people about how awesome a smelter is and what it does to water and air (and taxes and and and). Places that have no restraint in how they treat the resources in their midst can be a place of devastation – conservative or liberal.

  7. Conrad – I think I now know the radical environmentalist groups you are talking about, and where some of them congregated last night. I think last night Antifa light came to Blanchard (without their outfits) – or they were already entrenched there, I do not know.
    I can see strongly disagreeing with someone, as I have many times trying to get to what I thought was the truth of this matter – but the Antifa-esque antics that took place last night in Blanchard are disgusting and plain rude. (And vile). I will have no part in that.
    My wife and I will vote for Dan this election cycle – only because of all the poop he has to endure. I don’t want the smelter – but, Antifa is not my DNA.

    • I was there last night too, Ron. I concur. Out of control, disrespectful loons. I commend Dan and Jeff (and Sheriff Wheeler!) for remaining as calm and reasoned as they did. It’s unbelievable what they put up with. I happen to be leaning toward being anti-smelter, but all they’re doing is alienating would-be allies like me. Good riddance.

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