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Criminal Political Gang of the Deep State


Criminal Political Gang of the Deep State

By : Pete Ketcham

I recently finished reading Jerome Corsi’s latest book “Killing The Deep State” which basically revealed that the alleged “deep state” is much more invasive throughout the government than I thought, and involves many more people than those who are currently in the headlines. It described how interconnected these deep state people are, and the millions that were generated by laundering drug money by a major international bank and other nefarious methods. The corruption and crime these people have all gotten away with so far is literally mind boggling.


But what this book really brought home to me, is that we are actually dealing with, (and have for the last 25 years)  a large criminal political gang that is well connected throughout the government. Our national political situation is far worse than just a “deep state” of politicians working in the back ground, bending and distorting constitutional laws to move their agenda forward. Our national government has literally been taken over by political criminals beginning on January 20, 1993 (when the Clintons entered the White House) to present day. The Clintons brought their corrupt associates and criminal expertise from the Governorship of Arkansas into the national government. This established a hidden controlling criminal gang that continued to grow through the Bush presidency, and accelerated through the Obama presidency.


These people such as Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Bill & Hillary Clinton and others (not so prominent), should all be criminally prosecuted, and confined to prison upon conviction. Although these people are wealthy, well educated elites, (most are lawyers), their crimes are just as unlawful and serious as someone who is poor, or has never finished high school.


We are currently in a bloodless civil war (so far) , that if not won by the constitutional conservatives, will reduce this nation down to a socialistic type third world country besieged with anarchy like Venezuela is currently embroiled in,  as illustrated in the following news article:


“Over the past weekend, incumbent Nicolas Maduro won an obviously rigged presidential election with a record low turnout; inflation is too high to sensibly measure; there are widespread food and medicine shortages; the oil industry is effectively out of commission; and millions of Venezuelans are fleeing the country. Violence levels are thought to be the highest in the world, surpassing those of Afghanistan, Somalia and Central America.” May 23, 2018, 8:34 AM PDT.


Venezuela is a country that possesses the largest proven oil reserves in the world as well as other abundant natural resources, yet regardless of how prosperous a nation is, a socialist government will destroy that prosperity and bring the people into national turmoil. We see California moving toward the same situation as Venezuela under the control of the liberal socialist Democrats.

Thus it is imperative that we defeat and prosecute this liberal criminal gang hiding within the Democratic party if we are going to continue as a constitutional nation. I truly believe, that if Hilary had been elected, our constitutional nation would have arrived at a “point of no return” in it’s plunge to socialism.

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2 Comments on Criminal Political Gang of the Deep State

  1. Isn’t it much more realistic to stake out our own patch of ground ? Where is the restoration of our republic to begin ? Each of the tentacles shown above could have a name….USFS…EPA…USFW…BATFE..FBI..BLM..their malign reach touches us where we live. Won’t it be easier and more practical to cut them, rather than to attack the beast itself ? Better to say NOT HERE ! than a Quixotic wish to reform the Ten Miles Square.

  2. Excellent comments.

    What is particularly worrisome is the fact that more people are being exposed and more criminal acts are being verified everyday and to this point only a handful of real patriots are standing up to tell it like it is.

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