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The County Needs More Leaders Like Dan McDonald

Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald!

leaders McDonald
Dan McDonald, Photo: Redoubt News

The County Needs More Leaders Like Dan McDonald

I am voting for Dan McDonald for commissioner and you should too.

I first met Dan just before he was elected and he told me that, while he normally would not support wilderness, he did support the proposed Scotchman wilderness, because he had heard that most of the county supported it.

After I explained to him that the Forest Service, the supporters and the current (at the time) commissioners, had never met with residents in the county to talk directly about the wilderness, so they could not honestly make those claims, he raised concerns.

After explaining that many other users, including snowmobilers have been recreating in this area for a long time and that the area was in serious need of forest and wildlife habitat management, he immediately checked with others and decided that a wilderness was clearly not in the best interest of this county.

Dan also responds quickly to any resident concerns, inquiries or problems with county issues.

He has helped local Boy Scouts with their Eagle Scout projects and I have heard him speak passionately at an Eagle Scout ceremony about the importance of Scouting for today’s youth.

The county needs more leaders like Dan McDonald, with his values and sense of representation to the county. Please vote to re-elect Dan McDonald!

Stan Myers


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