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Conservatives Capable of Winning Against The Odds

Donald Trump is our current number one asset to bring honesty and integrity back to our government

Conservatives Capable of Winning Against The Odds

Conservatives Capable of Winning Against The Odds

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

I have in past editorials/articles enumerated the strengths and assets of the liberal-left (The Four heavy Hitters), and perhaps left the reader somewhat discouraged, yet I believe it is necessary to realistically acknowledge these leftist strengths and assets if we are to effectively deal with them.

But I do believe we should not be discouraged in the midst of this battle for the soul of this nation, as we of the conservative-right also have some very significant strengths and assets in this battle. Some of these assets are listed as follows:

1. Conservative talk radio is one of the primary sources of information concerning the anti-christian, anti-constitutional tactics of the  liberal-left. Rush Limbaugh pioneered this asset beginning in 1988, and the conservative talk radio hosts have grown exponentially with additional national hosts such as Sean Hannity, Laurel Ingraham, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Glen Beck, and others.

2. Email, Facebook, Twitter, (even though  left leaning), have provided an effective means of going around the biased main-stream news media to obtain true factual news. Not only is it a means of obtaining true news, it also provides a means of disseminating  true news.

3. Fox News has become an effective countermeasure to the liberal fake news produced by ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, with ratings exceeding most of the other networks.

4. Donald Trump is our current number one asset to bring honesty and integrity back to our government as he drains the corrupt Washington cesspool (it is not just a swamp). Also holding the majority in congress is a tremendous asset, but as we know these two assets are not permanent, and can be lost in two to four years.

5. The NRA is the most vital entity in preserving our 2nd amendment rights, and preserves our right to defend ourselves against criminals, aggressors and violent political mobs.

6. Us, we the conservatives have shown that our numbers are great enough to put a conservative in power despite overwhelming odds, even when the corrupt left uses the tactics of fraud, and deceit.

7. Lastly the Republican Party, which in my opinion wavers between an asset and a liability to our cause, depending on the issue.

Even though the conservatives have some very important assets to fight with, the odds still favor of the liberals. I say this because the liberals posses an asset that has a far greater outreach than any possessed by the conservatives, and that is the US education/indoctrination system. This education/indoctrination system has a tremendous future impact, as it continues to prepare the youth of our nation to be godless, unconstitutional, liberals. This is similar to two armies battling each other, where one has a unlimited ability to resupply itself with fresh troops, and the other has no means of resupply. Yet we see that this education/indoctrination system has not been all that effective these last 25 years, or else present day there would be no conservatives, only liberals, no Republicans, only Democrats.

In summing up, it has been shown that the conservatives have the capability of winning many battles despite the odds, and possess the potential to bring our nation back to it’s original God-fearing constitutional founding, but the major hindrance to accomplishing this goal, is lack of an effective strategy to take back control of our schools.

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