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Will Trump Pardon the Hammond Ranchers?

Please follow the link and sign the petition and then confirm your signature via email.

Shocking The Conscience: The Hammond Story
Steven, left, and Earlyna Hammond with Steven’s parents, Susie and Dwight Hammond, in a family photo. (Photograph: Susan Doverspike)

Will Trump Pardon the Hammond Ranchers?

Important News Regarding Dwight And Steven Hammond:

From Protect the Harvest

For decades agencies of the Department of Interior, namely the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), have deployed their administrative powers to punitively regulate and maliciously prosecute the Hammond family of Oregon in a thinly veiled attempt to drive them off their ranch, their historic grazing allotments and vested water rights.

For the rule of law to mean anything in this country it must be applied equally to everyone—not selectively to private citizens for ulterior motives.  Federal employees receive immunity for the very same act for which the Hammonds were charged criminally and sent to prison in a manner even the trial judge found to be egregious.

Even more troubling is the long history in the Hammond case, and others, of federal administrative and prosecutorial powers being weaponized in what appears to be a concerted effort by the BLM, aided by the Department of Justice, to take property without compensation and extort exorbitant fines from law abiding ranchers.

While government abuse of power is not uncommon, it is uncommon for a 78-year old man and his son, both of whom have exemplary records, to be sent to prison as domestic terrorists for an accidental fire.

The pardon for Dwight and Steven Hammond is in President Trump’s office. It is critical that we IMMEDIATELY gather as many signatures as possible to show support of their pardon. Please follow the link and sign the petition and then confirm your signature via email. 

Follow this link to sign the White House Petition to pardon the Hammonds: URL:

The Hammond case is viewed by many in the West, and indeed across the nation, as a manifest miscarriage of justice akin to double jeopardy. As long as Dwight and Steven Hammond remain in jail for what is obviously a gross miscarriage of justice, this matter remains a blight on the federal regulatory agencies and the criminal justice system.

Rural communities of the West are greatly appreciative of the efforts of the Trump administration to restore the economies of these communities. 

We respectfully ask President Trump to pardon Dwight and Steven Hammond .

For additional information:
Follow this link for details about the Hammond and the full letter submitted by Protect The Harvest

Link to article by Perry Pendley, President of Mountain States Legal Foundation: Trump should pardon Oregon ranchers — They aren’t terrorists

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7 Comments on Will Trump Pardon the Hammond Ranchers?

  1. The Hammonds deserve the sentences they received. Unless you were in the courtroom and heard all the evidence and testimony, you have no knowledge of the facts and therefore your opinions don’t mean squat. Their own grandson testified against them. A local hunting guide and two hunters testified against them because they purposefully and unlawfully burned government-managed lands. They were found guilty because the evidence showed they were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Save the pardons for the truly innocent.

    • I am curious as to whether you were in the courtroom every day? Did you hear about all the evidence the defense was not allowed to present?

  2. If you’re unfortunate enough to live within the confines of “The people’s republic of Oregon” you are really at the mercy of a fascist government. If you don’t follow their rules pay the fees they demand they will fine you to the point of losing your home. Possibly even going to jail. You have zero legal recourse to fight back you’ll just get out monied. The best thing me and my wife did was sell our home there and move to north idaho. We truly feel free living here. If anyone reading this doesn’t want Idaho to become another California,Oregon or Washington state please vote accordingly this November.

    • As for the pardon………….well lets see rumor has it DT is considering granting a pardon to Martha Stewart, well whoopdedoo isn’t that sweet, she really deserves it. DT is such a disappointment but then again whoever gets in is contolled by TPTB. Besides the Hammonds there are ten, TEN soldiers in Leavenworth, one a lifer who should never have been sent there and should have never been in the mid-east fighting for what? We know for what; and it isn’t for us. Isreal is not our ally. Ever heard of PNAC or the Greater Isreal Project? Google it! Help Julian Aasange and Ed Snowden who are heros and truth tellers! I am sure there are others who should be pardoned. What about the guys part of the Bundy group?

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