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Clemons Endorses Engelhardt for Assessor

May 15th, vote Dennis Engelhardt for Bonner County Assessor.

Clemons Endorses Engelhardt for Assessor

Clemons Endorses Engelhardt for Assessor

I have genuinely enjoyed my service as your Assessor over the years, both professionally and personally. Working in harmony with our dedicated employees, and other county agencies, we have made improvements to the Assessor’s Office for which all can be proud.

Like all organizations, the Assessor’s Office has and will continue to have operational and administrative challenges familiar in a growing and technologically advancing community.

Being deeply familiar with the administrative and operational requirements of the Assessor’s Office I believe that of the candidates seeking the office, Mr. Engelhardt possesses the experienced leadership and fresh perspective needed to inspire the employees and ensure the confidence of the public. Dennis is the only candidate who has met with me on several occasions to learn as much as possible about the office and the job. Dennis has read and studied Idaho Code and rules as it applies to the Assessor position as well as office policies.

The greatest comfort a retiring leader can have is not in the knowing that their efforts have made a positive change in an organization, but that their efforts have laid a solid foundation upon which the next experienced leader with a new perspective can take the organization to new heights.

Because I see Dennis as the kind of leader that can turn concept into reality, and guide the Assessor’s Office through future challenges, I give him my full endorsement.

It has been my honor to serve.

Jerry Clemons,
Bonner County Assessor


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