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Character & Leadership For State Senate

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

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Character & Leadership For State Senate

It is important that our elected representatives have good character. It is important that they care about families and about the nurturing relationships in those families. As a father, a leader, a business owner, and now possibly a statesman, it is important to understand the character of Scott Herndon. It is important to see how and where he has used his influence as a man and how he has sought the betterment of the weak in society. Mostly in our society, Scott is known for defense of the preborn and his many calls to action on their behalf. But during his years as a jail chaplain to men, we have a record of his other work as well. In what equated to many hours each week for 5 consecutive years, Scott demonstrated a desire to guide other men in righteousness and holy living. He manifested a consistent push to free them from the constraints of sin in their lives and desired GREATLY to see them succeed… and to see them succeed also in loving the people around them as themselves. Scott has counseled many, many men over the years to not divorce their wives, to not cheat on their wives, to not use pornography against their wives. Unlike many men, we actually have a record of “Scott Herndon on how men should BE men and treat women”.. It’s written in all of our prayer requests as a family. It is documented in notes scribbled in the covers of the most tattered Bible we have. The ministry Bible.

It includes how to not use drugs and abandon your family. How to be a good father and provide for your children and take responsibility for them. For all of the many, many fornicating relationships, the strong counsel to make. that. right. … when one inmate got out, this included Bible studies at our house with his girlfriend and their children. And when these two both professed Christ, we attended their wedding, and soon after that I assisted them in an unassisted homebirth with Scott as my backup assistant.

Scott has also employed men out of the jail in an effort to help them get a leg up. This hasn’t always been easy, but it reflects his commitment to men of the most desperate circumstances to disciple them in caring for their families and helping with real needs.

It takes great wisdom to be a good man.

It takes the wisdom of gentleness in seeing the needs around him, coupled with the strength necessary to implement strategies to aid those needs.

… the needs of children, the needs of women and families. It takes the wisdom of determination in the face of opposition to not back down… Determination to represent God: His truth, His parameters, His agenda. I remember once when a neighboring little boy of 6 continually pulled down his pants in front of our girls, Scott let him know he’d give him a nice switch if he did it again. And when the boy’s Daddy, enormously huge and muscular, strode down our driveway with clenched fists ready for a fight…. I watched Scott talk him down and man him up. I watched the man hang his head and shake hands with Scott. And the little boy never showed his parts to our girls again.

It takes the wisdom of patience and perseverance in persuading people that are on the opposite side of big issues and the fortitude to press it for years.

We want someone who will not back down, someone who is calm and articulate and yet passionate about the needs of citizens. The needs of freedom from overarching governmental tyranny and invasion into our lives. The need of leadership in representation. And of course the need, still unmet, of 1700 Idaho babies every year to be protected in an impartial fashion.

and I am here as a woman, to say that Scott Herndon has my vote.

…as a mother,
…as a Christian,
…as a homeschooler,
…and as a citizen.

by Arlene Herndon


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