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Burns Chronicles – Joker J Blomgren: Snitch

Joker J claims that he didn’t give up any critical information.

Joker J Blomgren

Burns Chronicles No 63
Jason (Joker J) Blomgren: Snitch

by Gary Hunt
May 17 2018

Jason “Joker J” Blomgren has hit Facebook, defending his action in his interview with the FBI regarding the events at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 30 miles south of Burns, Oregon.

A few days ago, I received a copy of the FBI form 302 regarding the report of the interview, and summated by the two FBI agents that conducted the interview.  My experience is that such a form is accurate, with regard to the information obtained.  Joker J contends that it is not accurate.  However, the knowledge of events tends to lend accuracy to lend credibility to the accuracy of those events, as certain information provided is well beyond the scope of anything that the FBI would have known, absent this interview.

I understand that there is a video of the interview that is posted on the Internet.  That would be an accurate account of the interview, and though I haven’t (and have no intention of doing) listened to the interview, I will rely upon this 302, is that is the written information that the FBI, Prosecutors, and the Court would rely upon.

Setting the stage:


Date of entry    02/16/2016

Jason Charles Blomgren, date of birth (DOB) April 30, 1974, Social Security Account Number (SSN) nnn-nn-nnnn, address nnnn xxxxxxxxxxx Road, Murphy, North Carolina, was interviewed at the FBI office located at 1787 W. Lake Mead Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada.  After being advised of the identities of the interviewing Agent and Task Force Officer [Chad Simkins, Kenneth Michael Mead] and the nature of the interview, Blomgren provided the following information:

It must be remembered that this is willing testimony to the FBI.  So, here, we see Joker J acting innocent.

The occupation had already been underway for several days when Blomgren arrived.  During his first day at the refuge, he was surprised to see the barricades and the armed patrols.  He didn’t want to be “a little girl” by expressing his reservations to Ammon Bundy or Ritzheimer, so he kept them to himself.  He spoke with the local townspeople who were supportive of the occupiers during his first few days on the refuge, and it “changed his heart” so he was no longer concerned by what he saw.

Blomgren described everybody at the refuge as “polite,” and he noted that he never saw any crimes being committed.


When asked to describe the hierarchy of authority at the refuge, Blomgren said he saw a chart posted at one point, but that it was later erased.

Following is the “chain of command”:

#1 – Ammon Bundy

#2         Ryan Bundy

#3         Ryan Payne                  “Rogue”

#4         John Ritzheimer           “Scrappy”

#5         Jason Patrick   :           “Clooney”

#6         Brian Cavalier              “Booda”

Then, he describes individual roles of the listed people:

Ammon Bundy was the overall leader of the occupiers, and authority reverted to his brother Ryan whenever he wasn’t around.  Ryan Payne had an important role in organizing the armed “teams” and “squads.”

Ritzheimer helped keep everyone in check and explained what to do if they were ever engaged.  Blomgren described him as “level-headed,” except for one time when he erupted after receiving numerous sex toys in the mail.  If one of the occupiers had never handled a weapon, Ritzheimer ensured they were not allowed to use any of the weapons.  He wasn’t involved in tactical training and sometimes worked as a “gopher,” picking up mail taking meals to the men who were otherwise disposed.  He also served in PSD’s, personal security details, as he escorted the Bundys to their press conferences and other meetings.  Blomgren heard that before he arrived at the refuge, Ritzheimer once took a 36 hour shift of guard duty at the front gate.

Patrick claimed to be a United States Marshal and wore a Marshal badge.  Cavalier called himself “Polar Bear” early on at the refuge and identified himself as Ammon’s personal bodyguard.  He wasn’t “officially” in the chain of command, but he gave orders when the others weren’t around.  Most of the occupiers were dismissive of Cavalier and didn’t pay much attention to him.  He had a run in one night with the Pacific Patriots Network (PPN) at the gate and ended up backing down.

He continues with other names and duties:

Following the initial hierarchy of the six individuals outlined above, there was another classification of leadership Blomgren described as being like “NCO’s,” non-commissioned officers.  They were affiliated with the “QB,” which was “the base.”  The base consisted of the metal shop where the tools and heavy equipment were stored on the refuge.  Q1 was Duane Ehmer.  The only other “Q” individual Blomgren can recall is First Name Unknown (FNU) Last Name Unknown (LNU) 1, aka “Bandaid,” who was Q5.  FNU LNU 1, further described as a short, thin male, was given the moniker Bandaid because he had a Bandaid on his face to cover wounds from picking at his acne.

Blomgren describe Ritzheimer and Payne as the “COS’s,” or Chiefs of Security.  When he first arrived at the refuge, Blomgren’s responsibilities were to transport firewood and other goods and to help receive donations from the locals.  Later, Payne organized five teams described as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.  These five teams were organized for the following duties:

–           Patrolling

–           Post duty – Duty lasted for 2 hours at a time

–           Cleaning and maintaining the refuge

Chopping wood

Cleaning the kitchen

–           Helping the women cook

–           Physical training

The five teams initially consisted of five individuals each, but they kept changing, as people would come and go.  Two or three teams would also be led by a squad leader.  The teams under a particular squad leader would rotate.  Under the “worst case scenario,” described as a government assault on the refuge, the teams would combine into two or three squads led by squad leaders.  The “SOP,” or Standard Operating Procedure, for the refuge was “not to engage unless engaged.”

The individuals in the five teams would often refer to each other by their unit numbers, rather than by their names.  Blomgren provided the following identification of the team members:

Al – Karl Koenigs, aka “Captain Karl”

A2 – Daryl Thorn

A? – FNU LNU 2, aka “Painter”

A? – Matt Mesenberger (sp?)

B1 – Travis Cox, aka “Pretty Boy”

B2 – FNU LNU 3, aka “Zero”

B3 – Blomgren

B? – Nathan Pieters (sp?)

B? – FNU LNU 4, described as “a Ukrainian guy”

Cl – FNU Fishbone, aka “Fish”

C2 – Jake LNU, described as one of the newer arrivals to the MNWR

C4 – Allen LNU

D1 – Originally, Thorn, this position was later assumed by Cory LNU

El – possibly Sean Anderson

Echo team was eventually merged into the other teams near the end of the occupation. The two squad leaders were designated S1 and S2. S1 was FNU LNU 5, aka “Doc,” and S2 was Carl Brammann.

Echo team was eventually merged into the other teams near the end of the occupation.  The two squad leaders were designated S1 and S2.  S1 was FNU LNU 5, aka “Doc,” and S2 was Carl Brammann.

There were additional units on the refuge consisting primarily of former military members referred to as the “QRF’s,” or Quick Reaction Forces. Several of the individuals in the Alpha through Echo teams aspired to be assigned to a QRF. Blomgren doesn’t know the names of any of the men who were assigned to the QRF’s. He sometimes saw them drilling in the dark, doing pinwheel formations and other patrolling maneuvers.

When the teams were assigned to post duty, they worked in one of three different locations: the Front Gate, the Back Gate, and the Watchtower. Front Gate and Back Gate duties required them to carry sidearms, while Watchtower duty required a long gun. A shotgun was usually left in the Watchtower along with 00 buckshot and slugs. Some individuals also carried their own AR-15s or .308s.


We have heard of the government’s concern over explosives. Perhaps one of the few things that Joker J did in this interview is to set the record straight as far as who knew of the explosives and who did not, as well as the concern over the explosives even being accessible.

Regarding explosives on the refuge, Blomgren stated there was a “boom boom” box containing TNT kept in “the field out past the metal shop” that contained the tools and heavy equipment. Only a few of the individuals on the refuge were aware of the box, and they mostly left it alone because they knew they were under observation by drones and planes and were afraid of the being raided if they obtained the explosives. Ammon Bundy went so far as to suggest calling the FBI to advise them of the presence of the explosives on site, but this was never done.

Even after the last occupiers were taken into custody, Joker J continued to out his “fellow” occupiers.
Blomgren provided information on several individuals currently,

staying at and around Bundy Ranch.  FNU LNU 2, aka “Painter, FNU Fishbone, aka “Fish,” and Matt Mesenberger (sp?) are currently living in a 5th wheel trailer parked on Ryan Bundy’s property located just down the road from Bundy Ranch. Blomgren believes they have marijuana in the trailer.

A “newbie” arrived at Bundy Ranch the same night Blomgren was taken into custody. He described him as a “light skinned black male” who is “all tac’d out” with an AR-15. This individual is not from the refuge, but he is providing security services for the former MNWR occupiers currently staying at Bundy Ranch. This individual is a former member of the military. He is likely staying in the trailer next to the trailer occupied by FNU LNU 6, aka “Skipper.” There was talk from FNU LNU 6 of a security detail coming out to the Bundy Ranch sometime soon.

He did help provide a little support to the government to put Duane Ehmer away for the road construction.

Blomgren wasn’t at the refuge the day the road was cut in by the bunkhouse.  He did, however, later hear Duane Ehmer talking about the “idiots” who originally cut the road one way that wasn’t as direct road they put in themselves.

Blomgren was in John Day the day the trench out in by the visitor parking area and never saw it in person.

Now, Joker J claims that he didn’t give up any critical information. Heck, he gave of more information than most, if not all, of the paid informants.

Jason was sentenced to 2 years Probation.  This is the lightest sentence given to anybody who plead or was convicted in Oregon.  He does, however, have to pay a $3,000 restitution.

Snitching has its benefit, though that should not include lying to make yourself look like you didn’t tell all, and then some.

I have always said, and I stand by it, that I will never speak ill of a patriot.  I can never, again, consider Jason Blomgren to be a patriot.

Two of Jason’s co-defendants have chosen to make comment for inclusion in this article:

Corey LeQuieu:

I met up with Joker in the Portland jail about 10 days after my arrest.  I asked Joker if he told the FBI anything and his response was no brother I didn’t tell them anything.  I thought ok cool we are good then.  It was about a month later that I got the discovery and he had already been let out on pretrial release.  There are things in his snitch report that the FBI couldn’t possibly know unless Joker ran his mouth.  He mentions that he gave Nathan Pieters a .40 cal handgun while at the refuge.  He also mentioned picking up Carl Brammann in Tennessee on his way to the refuge.  These are some of the things said by Joker that the FBI had no way in knowing unless he ran his mouth.  Now on to some other lies told by Joker.  He mentions that Jason Patrick wore a U.S. Marshal badge.  And that Jason was indeed a marshal.  Jason wore a badge that said 2nd amendment right to bear arms.  Joker also mentions that we were flying drones over the airport in burns that the FBI was using as their headquarters.  To my knowledge, we never had any drones at all.  From what I have read in this snitch report, Joker tells more than the paid informants did.

Nathan Pieters:

From his release in 2016 until April 2018, Jason Blomgren had repeatedly told me that he only spoke during the FBI interview on February 11, 2016, to “talk shit” and that his words were “twisted” and “used against” him.

He told stories of how the FBI drove him around with a bag on his head and threatened his kids and didn’t let him eat, sleep, or use the bathroom.

In March of 2018 I was shown discovery documents that proved Blomgren not only lied about talking to the FBI but that he also told lies about others in an attempt to cause an assault on the Bundy Ranch when he told the FBI that there was drugs in Ryan Bundy’s fifth wheel trailer at the Bundy Ranch.

The entire time, Blomgren begged for donations to support himself, which he clearly does not deserve.

When confronted with the truth, Blomgren attempted to lie his way out of it and eventually attempted to shift attention to the equally dishonorable actions of his fellow snitch, Geoffrey Stanek.

Jason Blomgren is a rat.


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