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A Thought on Vicky McIntyre

Replacing 20 Years Of Knowledge

A thought on Vicky McIntyre and why I will not support her. As a homeschool family, it always troubles me when I see candidates who support the idea of making homeschoolers register with the state and require parents to prove their mastery of subjects before they can even teach their children, as she does. This is one big reason I will not be voting for her and do not understand why ReDoubt News has chosen to label her as a conservative choice. Please re-check your candidate’s positions on government involvement in our lives. Below are the ICHE survey answers submitted by the candidates.

Vicky McIntyre answers:

Julie Ellsworth answers:

Tom Kealey did not respond


Randy Jackson

1 Comment on A Thought on Vicky McIntyre

  1. From Vicky:

    “I want to clarify my previous answer on the ICHE’s questionnaire. At the time when I answered the question on homeschooling, I was under the impression that state funds were being allocated to homeschool families. As when any public funds are involved, I believe there should be transparency on how those funds are being used. To be absolutely clear, if the homeschooling family receives no public funding, then there should be NO state requirements of that family.”

    If you have any questions regarding my responses, please contact me.

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