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WE THE PEOPLE Are Speaking Loud and Clear

So far, 27 other counties are participating with their own Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.


WE THE PEOPLE Are Speaking Loud and Clear

We are living in a time where logic has been replaced by ideology and reason has been substituted with emotion and feelings. Common sense is really not that common anymore and history is a forgotten subject of which nothing was learned.

Marxist agendas have been shoved down our throats by the Ameriphobes of academia, the media, and violations of Oaths of office are as common as morality is scarce. As the despots in Salem and their useful idiots in Portland continue on their treasonous march to destroy our country, our state, and the results of the American Revolution; WE THE PEOPLE are speaking loud and clear and what we are shouting is ‘ENOUGH INSANITY’.

I want to thank everyone in Columbia County who helped gather signatures to protect our future and get the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, (SAPO), on the November ballot. As of 4/18/18, the day before the anniversary of Lexington and Concord, it was official. Now we need to pass measure 5-270 in November by 70% or more to complete our duty to our posterity, and to send a message to Salem to keep their illegal laws off of our RIGHTS.

We are not the only county that has had enough. Rob Taylor, Tom McKirgan, Tim Harris and I have joined forces to help other counties with their own SAPO, and so far 27 other counties are participating. With the counties that have already passed the SAPO, that makes 32 of 36 counties so far that is fighting to keep their Liberty. Liberty is popular, and every time in our history we have fought for it…, we have won.

Special thanks to Sheriff Hanlin and the County Commissioners of Douglas County who are supporting the SAPO and standing up to protect the rights of the people of their county. They will have two readings in June and unless something drastically changes their minds, they will put the SAPO on the ballot themselves. Epitome of why we created government; to protect the RIGHTS of the people.

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator


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