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The War to Overthrow the Principles of Americanism

The issues are numerous, yet each is very significant to the survival (or dismantling) of our constitutional nation.

Principles of Americanism

The War to Overthrow the Principles of Americanism

by Pete Ketcham and Marilyn Giddings

Many articles have been written dealing with the following issues in smaller segments, but I feel that it is beneficial for us to see these uniquely American issues as a whole and contrast them against the opposing secular progressive worldview. As you can see below the issues are numerous, yet each is very significant to the survival (or dismantling) of our constitutional nation.

It may seem somewhat discouraging that there are so many issues under fire, but the first step in countering each individual conflict is to be knowledgeable of the simple over-arching ideology that drives the entire war –godless global government. Also note that these two opposing ideologies each strike a systematic and predictable pattern of conduct easily recognizable by those paying attention to political events.

US Constitution vs. World Government

US Constitution World Government
God given Rights

Freedom of Religion

Free Speech

Free Press

Peaceable Assembly

Bearing Arms


Individual rights

Three distinct branches

Constitutional Republic

Rule of Law


Government determines rights – Civil rights granted

For all but Judeo/Christians

Hate speech defined, censorship, PC police, FCC restrictions

Censorship of alternate viewpoints, govt media puppets

Mob violence, mob rule by aggression, assembly is illegal

Confiscation, restrictions; police & military only

Collecting data, listening, watching anonymously

Group identity, group politics, groupthink, race bating

Delegitimize congress, topple presidency, judicial over reach

Socialism, communism, democracy

Only for the underclass, not the elites; selective enforcement

Masses can’t be trusted, man is unredeemable & corrupt

Free Market vs. Government Control

Free market Government control
Supply and demand economy

Keep $ earned


Privately owned property

Small business

Entrepreneur creativity

Research & development

Regulation, monopoly, single payer market

Redistribution of wealth, heavy taxation

Controlled, regulated, taxed; no middle class

Government owns and controls use of property

Corporations become an arm of the political machine

Little incentive to compete with govt. services

Govt provides what it deems as necessary

Moral & Ethical Values

American Values Global Values
Life is sacred

National Pride

Personal accountability

Traditional sexuality

Male, female respect

Family Centered


Parental rights

Founded on Biblical ideals

God is Creator

Euthanasia, abortion, depopulation, eugenics, humanity disposable

No borders, no assimilation, mass migration, burn flag, no pledge

Victimhood, blame others, dependency on government services

Transgender, unlimited sexual behavior, child sex ed training

No differences, no roles, reject mother & fatherhood, emasculate

Nanny-state, mock, destabilize, replace, separated

Take from others and give to the chosen

Government knows best, childcare programs, removal of children

No God, no hell, no prayer, discredit American founders

Atheist, humanism, man is god, worship nature, anti-Christ

Supportive Associations

Conservatives Liberal-Progressives
American Patriots

Trump et. al.

US Military, liberty legislators,

Freedom Works, Family Research Council, Eagle Forum, Americans for Tax Reform, CATO Institute,

Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, AMAC, Judicial Watch

UN, Globalists, New World Order, World Gov’t Summit

Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Soros, Sanders, Schumer, Pelosi

Deep state, shadow government, Hollywood, fake news

Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg

Conf, Antifa, BLM, Move On, NAMBLA, Center for American Progress, Sierra Club, Media Matters, Americans for Democracy,

Tides, Democratic Socialists, Green Party, Center for Popular Democracy, National Lawyers Guild


As you can see even this partial listing is long, and I believe you have probably been aware of the constant bombardment of these basic American principles being pursued in virtually every media form. Hopefully this article may serve as reminder that the battle for America is being fought on many fronts but with only one global goal –to overthrow the principles of Americanism.

We, as American conservatives, still have the opportunity to make a unified stand with clarity and purpose –that is, if we want to retain our free way of life. Otherwise our silence gives consent to the takeover.


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  1. Taking the two sides of those lists in total they demonstrate quite different world-views. Who would honestly choose the column on the right?

    I am inclined to think it serendipitous this article in ignoring the common left-right paradigm used a more accurate paradigm with liberty and freedom in one column (left) and the authoritarian positions in the other (right).

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