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Nonini is NOT Dropping Out of the Race

"the negativity runs wild with my opponents."

Nonini is NOT Dropping Out of the Race

Bob Nonini is NOT Dropping Out of the Race

by Shari Dovale

Yes, I was one of the folks that heard the rumors about Bob Nonini dropping out of the election race for Lt. Governor of Idaho.

Yes, I thought it had validity. But, before I posted it for everyone, I wanted to look at secondary sources this morning and guess what? I could not find any.

So, I went straight to the man and asked him about the rumors.

Bob Nonini confirmed to me today that he is NOT withdrawing from the Primary Election for Lt. Governor.

He responded right away:

Total rumor. My old cocaine arrest was 35 years ago when I was 28 years old. I had $50.00 worth of cocaine in my pocket when a friend whose car I was in was stopped. I’ve faced that arrest in every election since 2004. The charges were dismissed and I never even went to court. My opponents actions in the legislature having many extramarital affairs is much more significant because they actually happened while they were serving in the legislature in the last few years. Rumors are just that, rumors. And the negativity runs wild with my opponents.


From his website at

As an Idaho native and small business owner,  I am proud to have served eight years in our House of Representatives and six years in the Senate.  During  my fourteen years in the legislature,  I have been a member of the Education  Committee and honored to serve six years as Chairman.  I am also the Vice-Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, and have served as the Vice-Chairman of the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee.

I want to be Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor to focus on education, economic development, and affordable quality health care.  I feel that this is the best way I can do more for Idaho.  My twenty five plus years of active and successful involvement in the Idaho Republican Party and in the Idaho Legislature separates me from any challengers in the race.

I am well known as one of the most conservative and effective legislators in Idaho.  I will be running on my proven track record and vast experience with the Republican Party.

I think it is time we got to know Bob Nonini. He has agreed to an interview with Redoubt News. So stay tuned! More will be coming!



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