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McDonald Is Best in Pivotal Commissioner Race

Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15th.

vote Dan McDonald not quitter

Dan McDonald Is Best Candidate in Pivotal Commissioner Race

The upcoming primary is one of the most consequential in recent memory, and it’s imperative that we all vote. The risk is threefold: we’ll either choose bigger government, increased taxes, and divisive identity politics, or the inverse of a smaller government footprint, cuts in expenditures that retain services, and transparency and accessibility.

Sitting commissioner, Dan McDonald, fills the latter description.

In his first year in office, McDonald scrutinized our county’s budget and cut every ounce of fat he could find, saving the taxpayers millions. He helped implement the self-insurance status that’s also resulted in savings, and fostered an environment of increased responsibility of county employees. And he respects the taxpayers as his employer, not the other way around.

If we want bigger government, higher taxes, and a candidate who’s running to mitigate boredom, we have that option. But if we want to continue the trend of reducing the size of government intrusion in our lives, its cost, and accessibility to our county commissioners, we have that option, too.

Dan McDonald is the best candidate in this race. He’s kept his campaign promises, and deserves a second term.

Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15th. The health of our County depends on it.

Russ Schenck
Clark Fork, Idaho


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