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The Masquerade of the Democrat Party

The Republicans cannot simply continue in the defensive mode they have operated in since “Watergate”

The Masquerade of the Democrat Party

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

There are several definitions of the word masquerade, but it generally means to intentionally appear as someone or some entity that is not who or what it actually is. This type of deception has been used in many arenas throughout history, militarily and politically, or just harmless fun such as a masquerade ball.

Today in our nation we have a political masquerade taking place that has grown so insidiously successful, that most people, (both liberal and conservative) do not realize the extent of the transformation that has taken place. I am speaking of the Democratic party, which at one time was a conventional political party, but has now morphed into a fascist/socialist organization dedicated to the total destruction of the historical constitutional christian nation the US has been since it’s beginning.

This organization masquerading as a political party appears to operates within the conventional election process when convenient, but in reality is completely corrupt throughout it’s leadership and methods. There is nothing lawful or unlawful it will not do to win an election or a position of power, and is constrained only by what it feels it “can get away with”. In the process of elections, It’s main tactic is to destroy it’s opposition by any means possible, which includes false statements, (propaganda), enabling non citizens to vote, using government agencies to investigate & prosecute their opposition, bribes, subterfuge and lies. When this organization loses an election, it will use all it’s resources to malign, discredit, and drive from office the opponent who won the election.

This last election of Trump removed the masquerade, and revealed the burning hatred and viciousness of this fascist/socialist organization called the Democratic party. By now it should be clearly evident to the Republican party, and the conservative/Christian folks that the issue is not just winning elections, but the need to develop a complete new strategy in dealing with this nation wide mafia organization masquerading as a political party.

This task of developing a new strategy will be difficult, as there is no precedent to draw from, as it is now an entirely “new ball game”, but nevertheless, it must be done if the constitutional conservative principles of this nation are to survive. The  Republicans cannot simply continue in the defensive mode they have operated in since “Watergate” (1973), but must begin the “take-back” of lost ground that has occurred these last forty-five years.


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