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Getting to Know Senator Bob Nonini

Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.

Getting to Know Senator Bob Nonini

Getting to Know Senator Bob Nonini
Candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor

by Shari Dovale

I had the opportunity to sit down with Senator Bob Nonini, candidate for Idaho’s Lt. Governor position in the upcoming primary election.

I found Nonini to be very gracious and open, even though the interview extended much longer than either of us anticipated. We ended up spending most of the afternoon together and he was very generous with his time.

I believe I might have made him a bit uncomfortable with a few of my questions, but he did not refuse to answer any of them. And I did ask a lot, several that I do not think he had been asked before.

We were at a popular restaurant with noise in the background, but I believe the sound came out fine. At one point, the camera battery died and we had to move to another place, so you will notice differing backgrounds.

This interview is in several parts, as Nonini gave me hours of footage. My only issue was how to cut it down and still give you a good perspective on this candidate.

Idaho Freedom Foundation has rated him at 93.1% for voting on Liberty Issues. This is worth looking into. Other organizations have also rated him well.

He discussed his positions, his opponents, and his view of the Lt. Governor’s job.

Additionally, Senator Nonini shared his opinions on Federal Lands, the Newport Smelter and Refugees coming into Idaho. There were very few subjects that we did not cover. If you have not met him, this is your chance to get to know Senator Bob Nonini.

Part 1
Covering Parental Rights, Education and more

Part 2
Covering Federal Lands, Bundy Trials, Newport Smelter, etc.

Part 3
Covering Sen. Nonini’s Legal issues

Part 4
Covering Political issues, including Article 5 Convention

Part 5
Covering misc. issues, including endorsements, Alt-Right and more

Part 6
Covering why Sen. Nonini believes he is the best candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor.


Please remember to vote in the upcoming primary, May 15th.


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2 Comments on Getting to Know Senator Bob Nonini

  1. Good interview Shari! I’ve only watched #2 so far but Nonini seems to have his heart in the right place. He’s rather stolid, certainly no fire breather, but then didn’t the tortoise win the race? On the smelter smoke/clean river issue, his determination to work it out between Wa. and Id. – and keep the fed out of it – is spot on. We must stop thinking of the Fed racketeers as arbiter and overlord. As we have seen over and over, they will exploit every opportunity to extend their power. Perhaps my only question of Nonini’s stance is him saying that the fed has zero entitlement to land ownership. While the Fed’s vast western holdings are indeed illegal and must be returned to their respective states, The fed is not absolutely barred from land ownership. You guessed it – I’m referring to the Forts, arsenals and dockyards provided for in Article 1 Section 8. I only bring this up so that those of us in this lands fight know to make informed statements, and not be caught out by overstating our case.

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