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Orchestrated Invasion of the US – Disguised as a Caravan

It appears we will not have to wait very long to see how this will all play out.

Invasion of the US - Disguised as a Caravan

Orchestrated Invasion of the US – Disguised as a Caravan

By Jacque Guinan

There is a caravan of approx 1,200 people from Honduras who have been permitted to cross the Southern border of Mexico and travel across the country enroute to the United States – with the expressed intention of literally swarming our border and invading our country in order to receive DACA welfare benefits. This is only a test wave, to be followed by many larger waves, should it be successful.

When this caravan initially crossed the Southern border of Mexico, the organizers of this invasion cheered as immigration officials abandoned their posts, allowing the people to cross the border unhindered. This has all been pre-planned with multiple towns along the route being designated as official stopping points, where the caravan is greeted and supplies are replenished.

Not only are Mexican officials turning a blind eye, but they have plans to actually give aid to the caravan when it reaches the town of Puebla, just outside of Mexico City this week. There they will meet with Mexican immigration officials to voice their needs and concerns as they continue their journey to the US Southern border.

As of today; the Obama era law of “Catch & Release is still intact. This means that all a person has to do is get literally, one foot across the border and onto US soil. If they do that; then US Border Patrol is obligated to take them into custody and hand them over to ICE officials. From there, they are temporarily detained where they will strategically claim they are afraid to go back to their own country and will request “asylum” in the US – It does not have to be the truth, the claim merely needs to be expressed. At that point they are paperwork processed, given a hearing date that is approximately 2 years in the future, and released into the public. From this point, they are not tracked and most never show up for their hearing. This is the essence of the “Catch & Release” program, and what POTUS has been speaking out against since before he was even elected.

Catch & release can be overturned by Congress but they have done ZERO to address this issue and pass legislation to stop this invasion, even though they have been aware of it for some time. They are Currently away on spring break until next week – by that time; the caravan will have arrived at our border and it will be too late.

This is why we have observed President Trump on a recent angry Twitter rampage. Here you have Mexico and Congress both complicit in this orchestrated invasion of our Southern border. It has been confirmed that there are literally, terrorists intermingled with this group of invaders.

President Trump has posted several tweets to express his grave concern over this situation.

The number one priority of a US President is to protect the citizens of the United States. We have heard President Trump make this statement many times and I believe he takes it very seriously. This situation appears to have him in a very difficult, almost impossible situation where it would appear that he is unable to fulfill that responsibility.

However, we are in extraordinary times and this is no ordinary president. President Trump has taken several calculated steps already that I believe will give him some leverage and ability to control and hopefully even prevent this invasion from occurring.

One thing he has done is to put an immense pressure on Mexico to intercept and prevent this caravan from reaching their Northern border. Just today, he openly threatened to withdraw from the NAFTA negotiations if Mexico continued to provide no help with protecting our shared border. This would be devastating to Mexico, as they are heavily reliant on the NAFTA agreement with the US and Canada. Will Mexico step up and intercept this caravan? This remains to be seen, but we will have the answer within the next several days.

Another thing President Trump is able to do is to release an Executive Order to put emergency border protections in place that would override the Catch & Release program. However, it also carries the almost certainty that it would be challenged by rogue judges who believe it is their duty to legislate from the bench. I do think this is a more likely scenario than Mexico doing the right thing, but again, it is only hypothetical at this point as no announcement has been made.

Lastly, if you remember in a previous article, I mentioned the EO President Trump released in December outlining contingencies to be used in a declared state of emergency over the Human Trafficking and corruption problems. This has again, proved to be an important step of protection as it may come into play in this particular situation. If President Trump determines this caravan to be a national security threat , he can declare martial law and use the military and national guard to prevent this caravan from entering the country by “any means necessary”. This last option gives him very broad powers that no judge can interfere with, but it also involves military force which always carries the risk of unintentional consequences.

The caravan is approximately 400 miles from our border ( 5-7 days) . It appears we will not have to wait very long to see how this will all play out. We have a strong President who seems to always be 10 steps ahead of his adversaries; I have a feeling that we will be both surprised and relieved at the outcome.


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1 Comment on Orchestrated Invasion of the US – Disguised as a Caravan

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 states that the Congress shall have Power “to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”

    The Militia is the Constitutional remedy to not only repel this invasion of illegal aliens who are intending to illegally enter our nation, but to round up those who are already within our borders and ensure that they are tossed out!

    Unfortunately, at the turn of the 20th century Congress and the several States came to an agreement by way of the Militia Act of 1903 and the National Defense Act of 1916 to ‘destroy’ the first clause of the Second Amendment, the Militia of the several States, and replace it with an unconstitutional national guard, unorganized and organized militia. This means that the Constitutional remedy that could have been used to solve this “invasion” of illegal aliens is not available as our Founders had intended!

    Author Jacque Guinan writes that “If President Trump determines this caravan to be a national security threat , he can declare martial law and use the military and national guard to prevent this caravan from entering the country by “any means necessary”. ” Martial law? The Constitution does not refer to ‘martial law’ at all and no support for “martial governance” can be found in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

    William Blackstone, America’s Founding Fathers’ preeminent mentor on the pre-constitutional laws of England, observed in his Commentaries on the Laws of England, “martial law, which is built upon no settled principles, but is entirely arbitrary in it’s decisions is * * * in truth and reality no law, but something indulged, rather than allowed as a law: the necessity of order and discipline in an army is the only thing which can give it countenance; and therefore it ought not to be permitted in time of peace, when the * * * courts are open for all persons to receive justice according to the laws of the land.”

    In light of the invasion of illegal aliens that have been violating our national sovereignty through our porous borders with Mexico for decades, and now with this pending onslaught of more than a thousand more illegal aliens headed our way, don’t you think the time has finally come to revitalized the Militia of the several States? That the Militia of the several States must be revitalized in every State, by State statute, to deal with all catastrophes?

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