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What Happens In Boise, Doesn’t Stay In Boise!

Thank you, Representative Heather Scott!

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What Happens In Boise, Doesn’t Stay In Boise!

The 2018 legislative session is over, and Legislative District 1 citizens were once again able to follow its workings in great detail, thanks to our Representative, Heather Scott. Her legislative updates and newsletters, plus her guest columns in the Daily Bee have substance and are head and shoulders above what we were used to from legislators.

Beginning with her first term, she informed us that there is such a thing as “administrative rules”, consisting of thousands of pages written by bureaucrats, often not even read by legislators, and routinely inserted into Idaho Code without citizens’ knowledge but with a definite effect on them. She educated us on how to give input to the Legislature before they could be voted on.

Her “Growing Freedom for Idaho” website is an invaluable source of information on bills, their content, impact, funding, etc. It encourages you to become an engaged citizen and submit your own ideas for a bill; report government fraud, waste and abuse; how to contact committee chairs and members; and more.

This year, she and the growing number of likeminded “Liberty Legislators” – as they have come to be known – made great strides in getting bills heard that used to linger in a committee chair’s drawer. Some of those were actually proposed by citizens like you and me!

Thank you, Representative Scott, for your amazing work to create an informed citizenry and giving us unprecedented clarity and information on how our government works. Finally, what happens in Boise, doesn’t stay in Boise!


Mary Anderson
Sagle, ID


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