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FULL VIDEO: BCRWI Candidate Forum 4/17/18

FULL VIDEO: BCRWI Candidate Forum 4/17/18

Bonner County, Idaho – Candidates include: Rep. Heather Scott (House Seat 1A); Jim Woodward (State Senate); Danielle Ahrens (State Senate); Dan McDonald (Bonner Commissioner Dist 3); Carol Kunzeman (Bonner Commissioner Dist 3); Steve Bradshaw (Bonner Commissioner Dist 1); Donna Gow (Assessor); Dennis Engelhardt (Assessor); Mike Boeck (House Seat 1A); Scott Herndon (State Senate).

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3 Comments on FULL VIDEO: BCRWI Candidate Forum 4/17/18

  1. After thinking through this forum, something keeps bugging me.

    Mrs. Ahrens stated that she didn’t go to the debate with Scott Herndon because many people, including “pastors” told her that it was a setup against her. Other than basically calling Scott and Lee (of radio station KYMS) cheats without evidence, my concern is that how can she be trusted to stand up against any pressure or stress as an elected official, if she can’t stand up to anything that might be a “setup” in a debate. This is politics, and most if it is going to be dirty. Also, who are Mrs. Ahrens’ counsellors if they recommend NOT standing up for your beliefs? Are these same counsellors going to be listened to for some important bill that goes through the cycle in Boise? This action could show a tendency to hide from confrontation – which is something we DON’T need from an elected leader.

  2. First off, I would like to say I appreciate that these are being aired on YouTube. So, thank you!

    Second, this one really opened my eyes. Heather’s opponent in particular sort of made my wife and I wonder if he had a real opinion that he wanted on the record. For quite a few of the questions – he was more of a “woah is me, why am I being picked on” kind of responder with no real response being given. He at once came out and said that he was running to bring conservative values back to the House. When asked about that, he wouldn’t answer what he meant. Overall, I got the impression that if he wins, the House will start to tilt back the way it was – more of a good old boys institution with Big Timber interests more important over the rest of the people. At least he was up front being that all his Democratic friends were investing in him.

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