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Russ Fulcher, an Honest, Straightforward Statesman

Russ Fulcher for U.S. Congress, Idaho Congressional District 1

Russ Fulcher

Russ Fulcher, an Honest, Straightforward Statesman

I have known Russ Fulcher for over a decade and I’ve always found him to be an honest, straightforward statesman. He knew how to work within the process that exists in the Idaho legislature and he will come quickly up to speed in working in the U.S. Congress. He has a commanding knowledge of the issues that Idaho faces as well as solutions that will result in more liberty and smaller government. Russ also knows when it is time to buck the establishment and he will even do that in a statesmanlike manner.

He has a track record that shows him to be a consistent conservative who understands his responsibility to uphold his oaths to the Constitutions of Idaho and the United States. Russ has always been the people’s representative whether he was a Senator in the Idaho legislature or just working behind the scenes to help others. Russ also truly understands the need to rein in wasteful government. Russ has said: “My default position is to look to the market first to solve many of our problems. It can do a pretty good job if we allow people to be free and responsible.”

And this more than anything shows the heart of the man. He believes people can take care of themselves and if given a chance, will do it better than government can. My vote this May will be for Russ Fulcher for U.S. Congress, Idaho Congressional District #1.

Cornel Rasor


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