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Rocky Ferrenburg for Idaho House Seat 24B

Rocky believes in protecting free speech and gun rights.

Rocky Ferrenburg

Rocky Ferrenburg for Idaho House Seat 24B

Rocky Ferrenburg is a liberty minded, free market conservative who is running for Idaho House seat in district 24, Twin Falls. Rocky believes that we shouldn’t hurt people or take their stuff. Peace, tolerance, individualism, free markets, and limited government make up his principled foundation.

Rocky is an accomplished musician, published writer, and eagle scout. Rocky graduated from North Anchorage Christian Academy, and holds five associates degrees from College of Southern Idaho. He is preparing to graduate from Washington State University with two bachelors degrees, and will be transferring into a master’s program in economics.

Ferrenburg believes that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the centerpoint of American life. Rocky believes in protecting free speech and gun rights. Rocky believes in individual rights and state sovereignty. He promotes the idea of self ownership and the protection of private property. Rocky believes that life starts at conception and it is the duty of government to protect life, liberty, and property.

Rocky wants to return the control of our schools to the local level. Rocky does not support common core. He wants to see an Idaho that is not dependent on the federal government. Washington D.C. does not know better than our own communities what the needs of a  child in Idaho are.

Rocky wants to lower Idaho’s over population within its prisons by restructuring funding for non violent drug offenders. Rocky not only has multiple degrees in the criminal justice field, but he has also spent time within the system. Rocky is a recovering addict who has been speaking at treatment centers, being a community role model through his actions, and an advocate for realistic rehabilitation and reintegration.

Ferrenburg is also concerned with the federal government’s mismanagement of Idaho’s lands. Our politicians have allowed the federal government to encroach on our lands for increased in their spending budgets. This is my Idaho is on the top end of the most subsidized states. We need to take back the economic benefits of Idaho’s lands. This will increase Idaho’s state sovereignty.

Rocky is just a regular blue collar worker. He has a wife, two daughters, and two dogs. When Rocky is not driving his semi, he performs services for wedding and events through his small business. Rocky is a non establishment candidate who promises to always vote in favor of liberty and against tyranny.

Rocky Ferrenburg

Your liberty minded, free market conservative.

Facebook: @RFerrenburg


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