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An Example of Integrity and Ethics?

What kind of example are you setting for the community, or the students in our community, by switching parties in an attempt to affect a primary?

An Example of Integrity and Ethics?

An Example of Integrity and Ethics?

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” C.S. Lewis

Editorial by Anita Aurit

I read with interest the letter to the editor in the Daily Bee by Susan Drumheller, urging Democrats to switch their party affiliation in order to affect the Republican primary. While it is everyone’s right to change their party affiliation (and change it back again as many will before the general election) this action causes me to consider the ethics and integrity of some of our local officials and school board members who have done this for the upcoming primary. Now if these folks have “seen the light” and wish to become involved in the Republican Party, I welcome them with open arms. If their intention is to be Republican for the primary only, it begs the question, why can’t their chosen candidates (who are clearly supported by Democrats) win running as Democrats?

It is interesting to see the names of city officials, spouses of city officials, LPOSD administrators, 350 Sandpoint members and others who have publicly denounced those in the Republican Party, via the local media, social media and elsewhere, now on the list of registered “Republicans”. This registration information is available to the public via FOIA request. The segments included in this piece have had personal information redacted and show only the names of the individuals.

There are folks on this list with whom I have not always agreed, but who I considered to be people of integrity and honor. I’ve defended these individuals publicly. I’ve said frequently that they are people I respected even though we often find ourselves on opposite sides of issues. That respect will vanish if these “leaders” of the community have changed their party affiliation only to attempt to disrupt the Republican primary.

I have great respect for ethics and standing for what you believe. I support the candidates I believe in and watch them win or lose on their own merit and not through any manipulation of the voting process. I’ve never changed party affiliation in order to affect an election, nor will I.

To those of you who’ve changed your party affiliation I welcome you to the Republican party. I hope to see you soon at a Central Committee meeting. To those of you attempting to meddle in the Republican primary and who will change your party for the General Election to attempt to manipulate the Republican primary, be advised that your names are available to those who are interested in knowing the integrity of those affiliated with our School Board and City Council, etc..

If you stand for something, stand for it. If you believe in something, believe in it. If you are an elected official or a family member of an elected official, what kind of example are you setting for the community, or the students in our community, by switching parties in an attempt to affect a primary? Sadly, I expect that some of you will lose the respect many of us had for you. Once integrity, respect or trust are lost , they are very difficult, if not impossible, to regain.

Anita Aurit is the owner and operator of
The Office Sandpoint.


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2 Comments on An Example of Integrity and Ethics?

  1. Another one who switched was the Facilities Director for LPOSD and a local newspaper publisher?

    One of those on the list is an employee in the County Assessor’s Office. Would you have a concern about their integrity?

  2. The call for people to switch parties not only proves the democrat party to be without either morals or ideas, it sheds some light on the liberal backed candidacy of Carol Kunzeman who has no stated purpose in running for commissioner.

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