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Educate Yourself On The Issues And Candidates

Vote in the primary on May 15th.

Educate Yourself On The Issues And Candidates

Educate Yourself On The Issues And Candidates

I have been reading candidate profiles and there was something that struck me which I have heard numerous times before.

A favorite mantra of those who describe themselves as third or fourth generation, or native Idahoans, is that we have inferior roads, poorly managed forests, and the schools are not funded enough. Have they been asleep at the wheel?

Apparently the conditions of the roads, forests, and education deteriorated, and the lifelong Idahoans were here to watch it happen, and were silent about it. It has been a slow but steady downslide by progressives who have taken over many facets of governing bodies in the state.

Many of those moving into the area are very well acquainted and have escaped the results of a progressive government, and wish to save this wonderful state from becoming another California. They see what is happening and want to stop it.

Idaho is being attacked on many fronts right now. More land is being locked up through conservation easements. Access to public lands is being limited. Federal wildernesses are being pursued. Taxing districts are growing. Regionalization is being orchestrated. Unelected boards are popping up that make decisions affecting your freedom. Outside money is being funneled in the form of grants which always have strings attached.

People are fleeing states like California, New York, and Massachusetts to get out from under the burdensome government and deviant morality. They don’t want Idaho to go down the same path. It happens one small compromise at a time. We all need to work together to preserve what we love about Idaho.

Educate yourself on the issues and candidates and vote in the primary on May 15th. This election is more important than the general in November!

Kathy Rose


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  1. Hello,

    I consider myself a conservative on social issues such as immigration and family values. I think the USA should maintain its European, Christian heritage. Can someone please explain to me then, what exactly is wrong with wilderness designation and conserving environment as opposed to destroying it to make way for ‘economic development’?


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