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Dan McDonald has done an Outstanding Job

Commissioner dan mcdonald candidate redoubt news
Dan McDonald, Bonner County Commissioner (photo: Redoubt News)

Dan McDonald has done an outstanding job in his role as County Commissioner. As part of the Bonner County Republican Central Committee, I get to hear reports from the Commissioners and other county and city officials during monthly meetings.

I have been impressed with Dan’s businesslike approach to managing the County, and how much he has accomplished. Additionally, I have personally noticed several times someone asking Dan a question on Facebook, or tagging him with a question in a discussion, and he has joined in to give good, solid information or answers to those in the discussion.

This has been well outside the normal business day, showing how seriously he takes his role in the county. We need more like Dan in our local government.

Let’s start by keeping Dan in his current role as Commissioner, and then try to get more like him! Vote to re-elect Dan McDonald.

Lisa Keseloff

Sandpoint, Idaho

1 Comment on Dan McDonald has done an Outstanding Job

  1. Liberals seem to hate anyone who devotes himself to working for all the voters. But, they never say why. Instead they find a straw candidate to try to take a productive person out of office for the purpose of simply degrading the functions of government.

    They pursue their campaign of world anarchy under the banner of “Think globally, act locally”

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