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California Disconnect by Pete Ketcham

One can only hope that the people of California will eventually realize that the Democrats must be removed from power before the state literally collapses.

California Disconnect

California  Disconnect

by Pete Ketcham

Reality dictates that there will eventually be consequences for actions, either good or bad. This fact has consistently been born out through the political history of our nation.

In direct apposition to this reality of life, liberal Democratic elitists (and some Republicans) feel that there is no law or regulation they are able to push through that will have any eventual adverse consequences for them, and it seems that so far they are right. It does not matter how illogical, inane, or harmful, the particular law is, they as elitists, have been able to personally escape the harmful consequences of that law that descends on the general population.

In the process of being able to escape all consequences of their actions, these elitist have developed an attitude of complete disdain and contempt for the conservative middle class. This was well illustrated by Hillary Clinton’s classic rant of calling conservatives a basket of deplorables, among other undesirable names. The liberal elitists have now created a complete disconnect from the values, needs, and general well-being of the working middle class.

This disconnect is well illustrated by the government of California. The state legislature is controlled by liberal Democrats, with 27 D’s & 13R’s in the Senate and 53D’s & 25R’s in the Assembly. With double the number of the Republican legislators, the Democrats can push any law they desire through both houses with impunity, and can rest assured Governor (moon beam) Brown will sign it. This Democratic controlled legislature has passed laws and regulations that defy all logic where it concerns the welfare of their citizens. This is especially born out when it comes to the immigration laws and policies (sanctuary state) that has put the entire citizenry of the state in financial and physical jeopardy. The millions of illegal immigrants costs the state billions of dollars for education, healthcare, welfare, housing, and especially crime. It has now become evident that the state of California does not have an illegal alien problem, but has an invasion & occupation problem by a foreign government, which is  being aided and abetted by the Democrats. This Democrat sanctuary state policy is sovereignty suicide, bordering (no pun intended) on pure insanity.

Another significant consequence of California’s disconnect, is it’s hostile business climate, which promotes a continuing exodus of many major corporations and small businesses. The following link is to a good article in the California Business Journal that explains this issue.



In spite of all of the above, the liberal elitists living in their gated and secure communities are not impacted by any of this. The Hollywood celebrities who are advocates for the confiscation of all firearms, feel quite secure with their own armed security service, (good for me, but not for thee), and have absolutely no concern for the safety of the common masses. I could go on ad nauseam with specific details of California’s irrational state policies of laws and regulations, but the overall effect is slowly destroying the positive attributes the state once held for it’s citizens.

It seems evident that the horrendous crime rate, high taxes, and reduced quality of life in California will continue to get worse due to the total disconnect of the political elites, and one can only hope that the people of California will eventually realize that the Democrats must be removed from power before the state literally collapses.


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1 Comment on California Disconnect by Pete Ketcham

  1. A Left Coast Tale…..After Trump’s election, screaming, teeth gnashing and wailing resounded in the Capitol – TO HELL WITH TRUMP! NOT MY PRESIDENT!TO HELL WITH DC! WE’LL SECEDE FROM THE UNION !!! But when, a short time later, a dam threatened to burst in North Cal, the first thing they did was run to Uncle Sam – HELP! HELP!. No,for anyone conversant with horrific times in the past, the liberal/Democratic agenda falls clear: Destruction of the existing society as prelude to Cultural Revolution. The collapse of long standing cultural institutions and the rise of mob rule – think of Russia in 1917 and Germany in 1929 – will create the misery,poverty and chaos they desire, a population desperate for some sense of stability and security. Need I describe who will step into this malestrom with promises of their socialst utopia ? Of course,certain segments of the population will resist, forcefully, and these will need to be disarmed – in advance if possible.

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