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Joseph Brumbles for District 10 WA State Congress

Joseph Brumbles may be one of a handful of sincere, transparent , candidates "We the people " have available.

Joseph Brumbles

Joseph Brumbles for District 10 WA State Congress

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Brumbles in depth. He is currently running for District 10 WA state Congress. That is Thurston, Mason, & Pierce counties. Olympia, Tacoma & much more. I don’t trust any politician much but, there is a handful either running or currently in office that I have a higher degree of faith in then most.

Joseph Brumbles is a conservative constitutionalist (he will not vote in favor of anything that violates our constitutionional rights) He is all about unity, gov transparency, a patriot, Joseph is pro family, he is concerned about the quality of life in his district (which I’ve seen first hand degenerate quickly in my lifetime in that region) , he is pro life & pro legal naturalized immigrants but strongly opposed to undocumented parasites.

Joseph Brumbles was born in AZ & moved in 2012 from Vegas to WA for a better life for his 2 girls. He has been a single father for several years now which should speak volumes in it’s self. His children are what drove him into politics. I’m sure many parents can relate to. That’s what drives a majority of us to get involved in making change on several different levels, from moral & ethical activism to politics.

I firmly believe Joseph Brumbles may be one of a handful of sincere, transparent , candidates “We the people ” have available. Of course for Joseph to obtain office in a democratic state in an extremely liberal district, he will need votes from people in his district… WA state capital folks.

Readers I’m sure plenty of us know people in WA state. Please take some time to check him out. He is very responsive if you want to contact him & also doing a lot of good out reach. If you like what you see push him in WA. If you don’t have friends in district 10 I’m sure your Washington friends & family do. Let’s get a fellow in office!!

Gabe Walde
Cascade, ID

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4 Comments on Joseph Brumbles for District 10 WA State Congress

  1. This is a pretty incomplete article. Where does Brumbles live? What has he done for a living? What is his education? Can we see a photo of Brumbles? Has he held any elected positions in AZ or NV? Did he serve in the Armed Forces? I really didn’t learn much from this article.

  2. I just wrote to Mr Rumbles. I took the time to research what I can on him. He has my SUPPORT! I like what he stands for and want to see him in person. I am passing this on to all my neighbors and friends in the area. We need to get started now, as November is coming around the bend QUICKLY.
    The HECK with Denny Heck-
    incumbents need to GO! Congress especially Democrats have been compromised by Pakistani ISI spies. That is in the news as fact not conspiracy. Who can trust any of them?
    We need fresh ideas,energy and integrity not corruption.
    VOTE RUMBLES! Get honesty back into Congress.

  3. Sorry for the typo on Mr Brumbles name. I was thinking of good slogans.
    ‘Brumbles rumbles like a storm on the horizon’.
    ‘To heck with Denny Heck, we need integrity’

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