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Breaking News: US v Keebler Plea Agreement

The Federal government has a very high rate of convictions, with Plea agreements accounting for over 97% in federal courts.

Breaking News: US v Bill Keebler

US v Keebler Plea Agreement

by Shari Dovale and Wendy Kay

The case against Bill Keebler has come to an unexpected end.

With the world expecting jury selection to begin this coming Monday morning, the prosecution offered one last chance for Keebler to change his plea to guilty.

Unexpectedly, he did just that.

The night before this scheduled motion hearing, the prosecution offered Keebler a last minute chance to change his plea. This offer was not unexpected, as it is typical for the prosecution to continue making every attempt at plea agreements.

However, the reports received say that the prosecution explained to Keebler that even if he wins this case in Salt Lake, he will not go free. He will be immediately transferred to Pahrump prison to face new charges related to his involvement at the Bunkerville standoff.

The Federal government has a very high rate of convictions, with Plea agreements accounting for over 97% in federal courts.

Bill Keebler pled guilty to count 1 of the indictment, which includes “attempted destruction of government property by use of explosives”.

The charge can bring up to 10 years maximum in prison, with financial penalties added. The agreement stipulates that Keebler will be sentenced at the Judge’s discretion, between 12 months plus 1 day, and 70 months. Keebler has already spent about 23 months in jail which will be counted in his favor.

After the Department of Probation completes their pre-sentencing report, Keebler will be back in court on July 9th.

The judge in the case did say some positive words to Keebler during the hearing, including “Prepare fully and appropriately and good things will happen”. It seems the judge would like to give Bill ‘time-served’ or as near to it as he can. We will see how the pre-sentencing report leans, and whether they are on Bill’s side.

Keebler has medical conditions that would necessitate him being placed in a medical facility, yet there is no promise that the Bureau of Prisons would do so. They are a separate department and under no such obligations.

The biggest news of this hearing was the ‘Global Plea’ that the prosecutor entered into the record. Keebler cannot be included in any further indictments to this point within any jurisdiction, including Nevada, Oregon or Arizona. This plea agreement will wipe any further troubles from Keebler’s slate, to date.

It does suggest that the Federal government has already secured more indictments, though under seal, relating to the protests in Bunkerville, and possibly Burns, Oregon as well.

The prosecution teams have continued to reiterate that the Bunkerville standoff case is an ongoing investigation with multiple unindicted co-conspirators.

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