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Bonner County Had No Business Being Involved

Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15.

Bonner County Had No Business Being Involved

Bonner County Had No Business Being Involved

There has been a lot of publicity about the East River Spur Rd. bridge…I’d like to simplify the situation and put the facts out there.

The Vrbetas bought a 190 + AC piece of land in 2001, and they had access on an IDL Road. There is a bridge on that road that had a 7 Ton rating when the Vrbetas purchased their land.

To be clear, the road and the bridge were, and are, owned by IDL, not Bonner County. This never has been, nor never will be a County Rd.

The Vrbetas were contacted in 2014 by IDL…the bridge was compromised and IDL had no need or funds to repair it. So, IDL negotiated with the Vrbetas to sell them an easement and they could repair the bridge, or it would be removed.

The Vrbetas were understandably dismayed at the financial burden, and at the same time lack of access would hinder the Seven Springs Retreat they had built and were running as a business.

The Vrbetas contacted Todd Sudick, former County Commissioner and asked for help. For some unexplained reason, Todd negotiated an easement with IDL with the agreement that Bonner County Taxpayers would pick up the bill for the bridge.

Now, as you read this please keep in mind the question…if this was a County Rd, why would Bonner County have to buy an easement on their own road? Todd has never been willing to answer this question.

So after much negotiation between the County, IDL and the Vrbeta’s attorney, it became clear that the most prudent act was for the County to repair the bridge and legally abandon the easement.

Thank goodness Dan McDonald was there to fearlessly negotiate a bad problem. Dan protected the taxpayers pocketbooks by being proactive and doing extensive due diligence. This situation as it was cost the taxpayers 60K…the cost could have gone as high as half a million in taxpayer money if Dan McDonald hadn’t been as diligent as he was. Thank you, Dan!

Now, I am fully aware that there has been some negative press towards Dan over this situation…however the painful reality is that Todd Sudick put the taxpayers on the line for a lot of money in a position that Bonner County had no business being involved in…

It was heartbreaking to watch the Vrbetas have to deal with this, however the County had no reason to step in…

We are so lucky to have a strong, knowledgeable, business minded Bonner County Commissioner in Dan McDonald.

Please vote for Dan McDonald on May 15.

Debby Trinen
Nordman, ID


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5 Comments on Bonner County Had No Business Being Involved

  1. Ah, another tirade from Dans lap dog, Debby Trinen. There was not one true comment in that tirade and personal attack on me. In fact the property was purchased in 1998. The original rating on the bridge was not 7 tons. That was the “de-rated” load capacity, one of many downgrades over the years. That being said, IDL wanted $25,000 for an easement through their “little piece of heaven” and across the bridge. After an acerbic and demeaning letter from IDL to the Vrbetas, I was contacted by them. After all, I do represent my constituents. I also contacted Heather Scott since IDL is a State agency. Heather helped negotiate the cost of the easement down to $3,300, no matter who assumed it. I thought it best that the County take the easement and put to rest one of the many ancient road problems in the County. If “Fearless” Dan had put the bridge in back in 2017 it would have cost the same as what it eventually did. What would have been saved was the violation of the Vrbeta’s Civil Rights and their 5th Amendment Rights to property access. It was interesting that the Vrbeta’s appointed attorney was negotiating directly with the County and not including the Vrbetas in the process. That is why he was fired. A twist to this whole affair is that Bonner county maintained the road and across the bridge for over 50 years through multiple Commissioners. By the way, although Ms. Trinen attempts to paint me as the culprit in this ‘bad deal” there were 2 other Commissioners who signed the easement. The County has negotiated through many road issues when I was Commissioner, some dating back to before 1907. Maybe some day most of them will be solved.

  2. Wow Todd, calling a woman a lapdog? Can you sink any lower.

    And since just about everything you just stated was proven not to be true, and we provided that proof at our Forum on April 11th, why do you continue to spread these false narratives?

    And why do you continue to drag Heather Scott into this?

  3. Todd, there is a reason you LOST the last election…the voters spoke, they wanted you to go away…why won’t you? More importantly how is it you don’t understand you made a mistake when it came to involving the County taxpayers in this disaster? So, let it go, Todd…you really are just digging your hole deeper and making yourself look more belligerent…and don’t you understand yet…that’s why you LOST 2 years ago???? oh, and lapdog? now that’s kinda cute…thanks I like that one…now go away…please…

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