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Candidate’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“If people don’t recognize this {abortion} as a gross injustice, I have to force it on people.” ~Scott Herndon


Actions Speak Louder Than Words –
Know Who You Are Voting For And Why

After attending Heather Scott’s and Sage Dixon’s Townhall meeting in Sandpoint on April 14th at the VFW building, I stayed to listen to what was touted as a “forum” for the three Idaho Senate candidates, Scott Herndon, Danielle Ahrens and Jim Woodward. Danielle Ahrens had a friend read a statement from her as she was unable to attend and there was no response from Jim Woodward, therefore Scott Herndon had the floor all to himself.

As I listened to Scott Herndon, in my opinion, his answers to the questions seemed to be memorized or well-rehearsed. I found it interesting to find out that the moderator, Lee “Davis” Lancaster is the General Manager/Co-founder of Legacy Broadcasting.

The fact that Lancaster of KYMS Radio was the forum’s moderator where Scott Herndon has had a weekly half-hour radio show with KYMS for years, brings up the speculation that this so called forum was a charade or set up. A moderator is supposed to be a neutral party asking the questions and to keep the forum moving forward and not clapping for the candidate after a question is answered.

After an hour of listening to Herndon, questions submitted by members of the audience were finally addressed. Herndon was asked if he believed, as seen in one of his emails, that any woman who has an abortion needs to face a murder charge and face the death penalty. Herndon tried to sidestep the question but finally affirmed that he does believe that an abortion is the murder of a human being and that a woman having an abortion needs to face the consequence of the death penalty. I reemphasize that Herndon apparently believes that there are no exceptions.

I believe that life begins at conception and consider myself “pro-life”, but unfortunately, since life is not a canvas of black and white, there are always potential exceptions in life; perhaps the mother will most likely die to complete a birth, or the fetus the mother is carrying is not viable, such as an ectopic pregnancy, and will not survive. In those circumstances the mother and her doctor should be able to make those choices, not Scott Herndon. Herndon refers to people that are part of the mainstream pro-life movement as “wrong, compromised and evil” as reported in The Reader.

It should also be noted that the practice of abortion – the termination of a pregnancy – has been known since ancient times. The first recorded evidence of induced abortion is from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus in 1550 BC. Unfortunately, despite many types of birth control, pregnancy counseling and adoption services, there will always be abortions whether they are legal or not, simply because one cannot legislate morality.

Much of our country, in particular the younger generation, has lost its way when it comes to values, understanding the tenants of our US Constitution, knowing the difference between right and wrong, living a faith based life, taking responsibility for their actions or lack thereof and abortions as well as the use of abortifacients have become a means of birth control. A lot of the moral decay of our young people can be attributed to the indoctrination in our schools and the emotional fusion of their electronics for their very existence.

Herndon was asked another question from the audience that had to do with his showing graphic pictures of dismembered fetuses to school children as they left school. After several minutes of rhetoric and ignoring the question, a gentleman in the back of the room yelled out, “Answer the question Scott!!” He finally admitted that he does show such pictures to school children and states that it is his First Amendment right to do so. He obviously does not care whether he is violating anyone else’s rights, including those of the children he confronts.

(Photo: Facebook)

Herndon admitted that he also shows these graphic pictures at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market and that again, he states his actions are his First Amendment right to do so. According to Scot Campbell, Sandpoint City attorney, earlier efforts to keep protesters out of the Farmer’s Market ended with Herndon threatening a lawsuit, and that Sandpoint City had to pay to settle the matter without litigation in May, 2015. Ka-ching, ka-ching, I wonder how much Herndon got for that?

Herndon also sent another threat to Sandpoint City in a letter to Mayor Shelby Rognstad, claiming that many of the reported complaints, including children being told they were going to hell, were “inaccurate”. Herndon was quoted as saying, “I will continue to encourage abolitionists at all times to wear body cameras in the event of false allegations against them, and we’ll make sure to tell our attorneys to keep their pencils sharp,” he wrote. Follow the money folks. Herndon’s actions at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market have caused a loss of business for the vendors because of his aggressive behavior and disregard for others.

A local Sandpoint resident at the forum asked if she could ask a question of Herndon, which was: why Herndon never mentions the baby’s father when speaking about abortion? Herndon stated that if someone is complicit in an abortion, such as a mother taking her daughter to an abortion clinic, the father of the baby paying for the abortion, or anyone else that procures, assists a woman or performs the abortion should also face murder charges.

It was quite apparent, that for Scott Herndon, there are no exceptions for a woman to have an abortion and that it must be considered “murder.” I cannot understand this man’s logic – that it is not alright to kill an unborn baby but that it is alright to take someone’s life because legislation would dictate that abortion is murder.

A person needs to either believe in the sanctity of life or not; you can’t have it both ways. I have to wonder what kind of execution Herndon would prefer for those involved in abortion…lethal injection, electrocution, firing squad, hanging, a shot to the head, being drawn and quartered, the guillotine, poison or perhaps he has something else in mind to terminate someone’s life??

In regards to Herndon pushing his obsessive agenda at schools by showing graphic aborted fetuses to kids, I completely disagree with his actions. As parents, it is our responsibility to explain sex and the repercussions of such activity to our children, not by a man that traumatizes children with such inappropriate behavior and states that it is his right to do so.

It was pretty obvious to me that Herndon is an extremist with a “one issue” platform, that being abolishing abortion. Herndon considers himself an “abortion abolitionist” and stated that his plan, if elected, is to convince the Idaho Senators that abortion needs to be abolished by legislation with a death penalty and that he will then move on to the House of Representatives to get them to vote the same way.

(photo: Facebook)

There are many and varied issues that our Idaho legislators have to deal with, such as intrusion of the federal government when it comes to our constitutional rights. There are other issues such as drug trafficking, child slavery, unvetted immigration, health care, water adjudication, federal land issues, education, budgets, taxes … and the list goes on. I doubt that Idaho Senators and Representatives would appreciate Herndon having the pictures of dismembered fetuses shoved in their faces to make his point in order to procure legislation.

Herndon’s statements to ‘The Reader’ should say it all: “If people don’t recognize this {abortion} as a gross injustice, I have to force it on people.” He also has stated, “When you’re trying to turn a culture around 180 degrees, it’s going to necessarily be disruptive” and “I’m so confident in the righteousness of my ideology that I’m convinced it will persuade upon {people} in the end.” Herndon believes that his calling is a “righteous endeavor,” however, to him, “defunding Planned Parenthood is not a righteous endeavor.”

On May 15th, it is so important for the voters in Idaho’s District 1 to select an Idaho State Senator to represent the citizens with dignity, conservative values and a servant’s heart to do the business of the people, rather than an extremist with a personal agenda. As voters, it will be up to us to be the guardians of freedom for our children and grandchildren as well as generations to come. If we don’t protect our freedoms for those we love, then who will? Now is the time for the people in our communities, state and nation to take a stand and vote in people that will stand with us.

Linda Smith


(Note: question/response at 1: 06:50 into the clip)

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6 Comments on Candidate’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. Thank you for this article. Herndon is trying very hard to hide his actual stance on this issues from voters, which is extreme and counterproductive in fight to end abortion. It’s his kryptonite and he knows it.

    • Jodi G – how is Herndon “trying very hard to hide his actual stance on this issues (sic) from voters”? Even a cursory search on the internet finds them all, and Scott Herndon has removed nothing from being seen. How are his efforts counterproductive? The “Pro life” movement has been “working” in excess of 4 decades to end abortion and they have not accomplished it? Should Herndon join their productive effort? I would say it is the pro life movement which is counter productive and Herndon is seeking to do something different that might actually work for those who are convinced that life begins at conception and to end it prematurely and intentionally is a sin against God and man.

  2. On the contrary, I think Scott is very up front on his views. It isn’t like he tries to hide his views on abortion. He thinks it is murder and obviously the pictures are out there to prove it. There are two ways and only two ways of looking at abortion – it is murder of an unborn child, or it is not. The Supreme Court has already spoken for the rights of women to do whatever they want in regards to this without taking in the consequences of a sex free for all. If someone, especially a man – speaks up for these unborn children he is vilified. Everyone is allowed to decide which side of that line they fall on and how they want to address it. And your article makes it clear you don’t like the way he stands for it. How do you think, Miss/Ms./Mrs. Smith, what should be done about it? From your article that nothing is is be done for this, but focus is needed on other aspects of societies ills – just not this one. Your statement “A person needs to either believe in the sanctity of life or not; you can’t have it both ways” makes no sense from a Biblical perspective – the Bible clearly teaches that there are consequences to actions. I guess all murderers should be dropped in prison at the taxpayers expense? Why? The laws state that in some cases the death penalty is acceptable. And even then, if a jury uses what is available to them, they don’t have to find guilty in that extreme way. I think that part of our societies issues lie in your statement which implies no one is to bear consequences for their actions so it is OK to murder/rape/steal/ beat down because you won’t have to pay a penalty for your crime.
    I see another mention that this is a setup by Lee of KYMS. People seem to keep bringing this up with no evidence. Why is that? Because of evidence or because they are Christians? KYMS has a whole list of programs they broadcast – yet because Scott is one of the programs, it was a setup. I would like to see the proof of this collusion. Even if it was a setup…what kind of setup would it have been? Hard questions? I didn’t see anyone else at this event to speak for themselves or to debate Scott on his views of abortion (or anything else). This was supposedly a “debate” but if two of the three debaters do not show what is someone to do? They answer whatever questions are presented with no on the spot rebuttal, but a rebuttal by proxy at a later time and in print. Politics is a gross business – and if you can’t stand up for YOUR beliefs in person even against your own party what are the chances of you speaking up when on a committee or on the floor arguing for or against a bill that is in the Senate that could destroy Idaho and the way of life we have here?
    If Mrs. Ahrens and Mr. Woodward weren’t going to show up to this “debate”, barring last minute unforeseen difficulties which are understandable, they should not have agreed that they would show up in the first place. Unless this debate was set up in such a way that they were only invited with no commitment to show?
    Not showing after making the commitment and bowing out at the last minute on a vague conspiracy theory would be not being a man or woman of your word. I would rather have someone of their word represent me even if I didn’t agree with 100% of everything they believed.

  3. ‘abortion is the murder of a human being and that a woman having an abortion needs to face the consequence of the death penalty.’


    I bet most of the ‘pro-life’ crowd will send you to die in a pointless war at the drop of the hat. To think they have the nerve to themselves ‘pro-life’ when they are nothing if the sort.

  4. Remember “Divide and Conquer,” is the ruling party of the Satanic NWO who wants to enslave and kill Christians. We shouldn’t bicker on the fine points of pro-life, exactly when and where abortion is and isn’t okay.
    Better to focus our energies on ending unfettered immigration, GMO foods, forced vaccinations, excessive regulation, taxation, money printing etc.

  5. “Herndon threatening a lawsuit, and that Sandpoint City had to pay to settle the matter without litigation in May, 2015. Ka-ching, ka-ching, I wonder how much Herndon got for that?” Answer: nothing. When a city violates a person’s constitutional right, and that person engages a lawyer to go after the city, the city essentially settles by admitting they are wrong and paying that person’s lawyer fees for having to go after the city to do the right thing. Is the author of this editorial ignorant, feigning ignorance, or trying to plant the seed of impropriety where none exists? All are bad and discredit Linda Smith.

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