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Visiting Patch Of Heaven – with Video

Victor is an escapee from Castro’s Cuba – where religious freedom and State and local authority are under attack by a ruthless Fed agency.

Visiting Patch Of Heaven
Redoubt News Reporter Wendy Kay with Annette and Victor Fuentes of Patch of Heaven

Visiting Patch Of Heaven

by Norton II

Always reluctant to leave our little seaside paradise, the sight of our oak covered hills and blue Pacific in the rear view mirror brings on a a pang. Easy enough it would be to stay, and let one pleasant day slip into another in our land of manana.

It started in April of 2014, my leaving the quiet life that is, galvanized by a full on police state operating in an obscure corner of Nevada. The experience of Bundy Ranch was educational, to say the least, actually transformative to my own identity. Primed by a lifetime interest in history and alerted by the warnings of creditable modern voices, I witnessed a corrupt and ruthless Federal Agency in action, with my own eyes, in real time. Since then, the unfolding chapters in this War on Rural America have been, for me, an irresistible draw. Not the least attraction has been the magnificent fellowship and camaraderie unique to events like Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine or Malheur. We were making history! But at bottom, the cause has always been resistance against an ever encroaching and Mafia-like Federal authority.

So……Here we are in 2018. Our audacity and unshakable faith have defeated the Fed racketeers over and over again. Time to rest on our laurels ? I say definitely not ! Our victories have sparked a nationwide Committee of Safety, a vast fellowship of Awakes. We must capitalize on our habit of victory.

Enter Ministerio Roca Solida and it’s Christian retreat. 

Not being one to credit mere web buzz, I put those oak trees and ocean in the rear view again, destination the remote Armargosa Valley of Southern Nevada. I found there an all too familiar federal land grab, this time being perpetrated by US Fish and Wildlife. I found a fervent disciple of Christ, Pastor Victor Fuentes, and his spirited wife Annette, determined to fight in defense of their bible camp. I found a once verdant “Patch of Heaven” now desiccated and brown, left high and dry by a malicious USFW. In short, I saw a place where property rights and water rights, where a minority – Victor is an escapee from Castro’s Cuba – where religious freedom and State and local authority are under attack by a ruthless Fed agency. I was convinced, as have been others of our fellowship who have seen for themselves.

In concord with his heartfelt Christian fundamentalism, Pastor Fuentes is absolutely determined to fight. He knows the face of Godless communism, and is not having it here, in the Land of the Free.



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  1. Ol David – David Fleeman – has not been given half the credit he deserves. He’s been the Spark plug, working tirelessly to bring the plight of the Fuentes to our attention. He’ll definitely be “Called in for Credit” when the time comes.

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