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The Sound of Wilderness?

I say vote no May 15

The Sound of Wilderness? scotchman peak

The Sound of Wilderness?

Scotchman Peaks Wilderness. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?! It is a wilderness area already…almost too much wilderness, as access roads and hiking trails and bridges have been allowed to overgrow and decompose…how does one go about enjoying something that can only be seen at a distance? 

So, shall we clarify? Scotchman Peaks Federal Wilderness. Now how does that sound? To any red-blooded North Idahoan, that has a peculiar stench.

While we appreciate our Federal Government guiding commerce and defending our borders (or would, if they took it more seriously!), we certainly do not need them in our state! They already control 63.8% of the lands in our great state (

I say no. No to a Scotchman Peaks Federal Wilderness area. No to allowing the mountains to lie fallow, without the care of caring men and women to harvest downed wood and hunt for their sustenance and enjoy its beauty for the benefit of their health and wellness. No to the Federal Government having yet another way to control our state and coerce its state leaders and forest servicemen.

I say vote no May 15–don’t turn Scotchman Peaks into another Federal wildfire…oh, excuse me…wilderness area.

Jane in Fantastic North Idaho


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5 Comments on The Sound of Wilderness?

  1. Love your spirit Jane ! I must say that in the places the fight has carried me, you Idahoans have stood out as the real “Live ones”, With our doughty Ms Dovale and Ammon at the head if the list. It is long past the time for prevarication concerning what the Fed is up to, and it’s time to call a spade a spade. Viewing the relentless federal drive for land, there is only one name – WAR – suitable, a war on rural America, prosecuted by rapacious Fed agencies. Does this sound like hyperbole? Does this name smack of the tinfoil hat ? Since time immemorial, wars have been fought for one central purpose – the aggressive seizure of land and resources.Perhaps you could explain to me how this Federal enclosure at Scotsman Peak is any different ? As the above article “Visiting Patch of Heaven” will show, This war is now endemic across the west, and it is high time for the Western States to show a unified defense, a coalition, a Coalition of Western States.

  2. We must get people out to vote in the May 15th primary. This is a VERY important election…more important than the November general for the state of Idaho. Spread the word.

  3. That would be great, we do indeed need to organize a defense against the encroachment of our lands. I appreciate President Trump’s efforts to evaluate the recent land grabs, but that won’t help us much if this vote goes through. Get the word out!

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