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Petition Calls On DOJ To Fire Bundy Ranch Prosecutor

Please add your name to the petition and share it far and wide and let’s see justice again in the American courtroom.

Petition Calls On DOJ To Fire Bundy Ranch Prosecutor

Petition Calls On DOJ To Fire Bundy Ranch Prosecutor
& Bring Charges Against Him

by Tim Brown

(TheWashingtonStandard) – I have waited till the White House petitions website had been finished with their update so that I could post a petition to bring attention to the fact that Stephen Myhre, the lead prosecutor in the Bundy Ranch trials was quietly demoted but not fired nor charged with a crime after he and his office engaged in multiple Brady violations and the violation of the rights of the defendants during the trial.

These were not the only Brady violations in Myhre’s past.  He has a history of them.

So, this has led me to put it back out in front of the American people.  We simply cannot stand by and cheer that the men had the case against them dismissed.  They lost nearly two years of their freedom because they were wrongly accused and then the government attempted to railroad them into more prison time.

This is why I began a petition at calling on the Justice Department to not only fire Stephen Myhre but to bring charges against him for his crimes in the case.

Here’s what I wrote.  It’s simple and to the point.

We are calling on the Department of Justice to not only fire lead prosecutor in the Bundy Ranch trials, Stephen Myhre, but also to bring charges against him concerning his brady violations and violations of the rights of the defendants in the case, which led to the judge in the case dismissing the case with “prejudice.” These defendants were imprisoned for nearly two years. It’s time the ones who were actually violating the law are brought to justice and let’s begin with Stephen Myhre.

A demotion of Mr. Myhre is not enough.  He must be held criminally responsible for his violations of the law and the rights of those he was seeking to prosecute in Nevada.

If you agree with that, won’t you please add your name to the petition and share it far and wide and let’s see justice again in the American courtroom?


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3 Comments on Petition Calls On DOJ To Fire Bundy Ranch Prosecutor

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  2. As a defendant in the Portland Trial,and as a supporter on scene in Vegas,I might be permitted a few firsthand observations.First off, we should never forget how a conscienceless hack like Myhre was exposed,and how a glaring spotlight was thrown on the grotesque caricature of “Justice” now commonplace in the Federal Courts.The ONLY reason for all of this was the undaunted courage and unshakable faith of the accused. Had the Bundys and their fellow defendants taken plea deals we would have had no victories in Portland or Vegas. At great peril to themselves and with all the odds stacked against them, they fought through to triumph. It was only by dragging these crass mercenaries into the courtroom that their defalcations were revealed. You’ll notice that I use the plural in reference to the actors we saw in these courtrooms, and not just a single miscreant – Myhre. I might ask, why single out one apple in a rotten barrel ? In a private interview with one of our lawyers, judge Anna Brown said “I’m not having any ‘Not Guilty’verdicts in my courtroom”…Judge Navarro worked hand on glove with Myhre in the early stages of the trial, and would have been happy to see the Bundys sent to prison for life. She only began distancing herself from Myhre when their case began to collapse. Her final stinging excoriation of Myhre was her escape hatch, blaming the whole mess on him so that she could dodge the bullet. Navarro made Myhre the fall guy, and it appears that she has gotten away clean. Myhre is a member of the Nevada State Bar, and after his exposure as the worst kind of unprincipled hack, the NSB has put him under sanctions,right ? nope. But OK, as at least a target of opportunity lets try to boot Myhre. Sign the petiton.

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