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This Narrow Democratic Agenda

This short three item agenda illustrates that the Democrats have no concern for the welfare of the general citizenry of this nation

This Narrow Democratic Agenda

This Narrow Democratic Agenda

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

The Democrats have demonstrated by their political actions and statements, that they have a very short and simple agenda. This agenda is primarily driven by the democrat’s concept of normal sexual conduct, and their desire/lust for perpetual positions of power. The preceding statement may seem a somewhat simplistic definition of a major political party, but for the last year the Democrats have consistently demonstrated, that
they are literally consumed by the following three agenda items.

  1. Illegal immigration
    This is the primary means of Democrats increasing their voter base. The more Mexicans (and others) they entice to illegally cross into our nation by their sanctuary cities policy, the more democratic voters they can create. In some of these sanctuary states and cities they are issuing driver licenses to the illegals, which in some states will be sufficient legal ID to vote. Within this sanctuary cities policy there is zero consideration of the criminal impact on the legal citizens, the only focus is on the possibility of keeping the Democrats in office indefinitely. This lack of consideration of the safety of the citizens of these sanctuary cities was well demonstrated by the recent irresponsible action of the Mayor of Oakland California, who thwarted the efforts of ICE to scoop up illegal criminals.
  1. LGBT Community
    Even though this group is a very small percentage of the total national population, they have acquired influence far beyond their numbers. The Democratic party has embraced the morals and sexual activities of the LGBT, and have successfully (through the efforts of Obama and others) defended this level of morality. In fact the Democrats have severely prosecuted and punished those who have opposed the LGBT agenda. The reason the Democrats have taken on such an aggressive protection and promotion of the LGBT agenda is that many Democrats themselves in high political positions (Obama, Hillary etc) are homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals. This fact has been hidden through the efforts of political correct politicians ( both Democrats & Republicans) and the news media. Exception to this is Democrat Representative Barney Frank, the Democrats homosexual poster boy. Frank’s boyfriend, Stephen Gobie was running a male-brothel out of the Congressman’s home, but despite this outrageous activity (which Frank claimed he knew nothing about), his Democrat base voted him back into office. Frank eventually married Jim ready, his long time sex partner, an event that was well accepted by the liberal Democrats, and blessed by the attendance of many prominent Democrats, such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and congratulated by Obama.
  1. The Total Destruction of Trump
    The impeachment or destruction of Trump by Democrats is their primary ultimate objective at this time. They are totally united and dedicated to the complete destruction of Trump, his staff, and supporters. They have already demonstrated that there is no lie, subterfuge, or deceptive tactic that they will not use in pursuit of this goal. It is also evident that the Democrats will never give up on this vicious destructive effort until
    Trump is gone from the political scene. Whether Trump just finishes out his present term, or runs successfully for a second term, the democrats, like a pack of hungry wolves, will continue to do everything possible to bring down their prey.


This short three item agenda illustrates that the Democrats have no concern for the welfare of the general citizenry of this nation, but are focused solely on their political well being. All the statements, political bills they sponsor, or actions taken that they tout is for the benefit of the “poor downtrodden” citizen who has been treated unfairly, are in reality, carefully structured frauds, that benefit only their own political agenda. Quite
frankly, the Democrats do not give a rats xxx for anybody or anything that does not fit in with their agenda or political welfare. At this time, the only beneficiaries of the Democrat agenda are illegal aliens and the LGBT community.

Thus, this narrow Democratic agenda that produces only strife, dissension, and draconian laws may prove to be a deficit to their holdings of power as the general public begins to see nothing productive coming from them.


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  1. Please stop making this a partisan problem. It isn’t. The Republicans in Congress and in the ID Legislature are just as bad. Forget the partisan labels. We need to drain the swamp. This means BOTH political brothels, er… I mean parties.

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