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Liberals Use Children For Anti-Gun Agenda Propaganda

Some children were put on taxpayer-funded buses and told what to say and how to say it.

Liberals Use Children For Anti-Gun Agenda Propaganda

Liberals Use Children For Anti-Gun Agenda Propaganda

by Shari Dovale

On March 14th, the country rallied to show support for the victims of the tragedy in Parkland Florida a month before.

Or so they originally thought.

It quickly escalated into a propaganda machine to use the nation’s schoolchildren to push an anti-gun, pro-gun-control agenda.

Throughout the country, reports came in of children advocating for gun confiscation. However, the MSM has not reported all of the truth.

Branded as being “Student Organized”, this falsehood was quickly dispelled by postings from the Women’s March. The children were, in many cases, not given an option for participation. Some were put on taxpayer-funded buses and told what to say and how to say it.

Some children who disagreed were reportedly punished:

KHQ6 reports that the Coeur d’Alene High School’s student walkout was actually held in the school gym. This tells us that the event was not only sanctioned by the school, it was sponsored by them, as well. They gathered the students in an assembly-style forum, and finished the event with the eligible students registering to vote.

A parent in California sent this to us:

So my 13 yr old tells me tonight, his junior high school forced the entire school to walk out, locked the class rooms, gave them no option, and they never notified the parents that this was going to take place. The problem I have is that they straight up violated my rights as a parent, and violated my sons rights by forcing him to participate in this protest.

They herded the students out like sheep…from my understanding this is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment, the students were not given a choice, parents were not notified or given a choice to have their child participate, this protest took place in multiple schools in Ceres Unified School District, I am referring to Mae Hensley Junior High School in Ceres Ca, Principle Mrs. Moore…they herded the children in to the open field like cattle…this school district is known for forcing their political views on the children.

This whole situation really affected my son, who I should mention has a documented developmental disability, another problematic issue that I have with the school district, as they refuse to follow the laws in-place to protect these types of children specifically. And don’t even get me started on the bullying that the district refuses to acknowledge…

In Boise, Idaho, students were bused in from multiple areas and told what to shout on the Capital steps.

Rep. Ron Nate tells us: (emphasis added)

On Wednesday, several hundred school kids in the Boise area “walked out” of classes to come to the capitol and express support for the victims in the Florida school shooting and to protest school violence.  In reality, the kids were stirred into action by a few liberal activist groups including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Sierra Club, all under the umbrella of “People for Unity.”  I witnessed the group leaders telling the kids what to chant and then lead the “protest” with megaphones.  At the Planned Parenthood table, they invited the kids to become volunteer lobbyists for them and advocated for sex education in schools.

   Instead of learning about the legislative process and perhaps meeting and talking with legislators to discuss policy and rights, the kids were used as tools to advance an agenda by a small, less-than-representative group of adult activists.  Of course the media lapped it all up and reported it as if some genuine protest was taking place.  Unfortunately, this was a missed opportunity, and the kids would have probably learned more by staying in school.

The Boise Protest was documented by Rep. Heather Scott, as well:

The Liberal Socialist indoctrination of our children continues.

Keep speaking up, Loud and Long. Show your support for the Second Amendment, like the North Idaho Carry Group did with their counter-protest held at the same time.

Teach your children the US Constitution. Have them carry a pocket copy with them to school. They are the future, and they need to know the truth.


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2 Comments on Liberals Use Children For Anti-Gun Agenda Propaganda

  1. They weren’t the first to use children for propaganda.
    Remember the Hitler Youth “movement”?

  2. There are two parts to the practice of using Democratic tools…first, the honor and equity of each qualified person having one-person-one-vote which is an excellent representation of a person’s opinion and thoughts…and secondly, there is the Majority rule aspect which in its ugly manifestations turns into “Mob Rule” but even looking at the Majority rule aspect when held in a solvent, rational, non-egalitarian view is not necessarily ugly…it is civil.

    Ugly “Mob Rule” gives Democratic tools a bad reputation.

    And that little mob was definitely not looking like champions of one-person-one-vote nor like they would respect Majority decisions. (Not that the right to defend yourself should be regulated by any Democratic tool.)

    Their chant would have been more apropo had it been, “This is what Mob Rule looks like.”

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