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The Liberal Four Heavy Hitters

History has shown that national leaders such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had been put in place by Devine timing during periods of national crisis.

The Liberal Four Heavy Hitters

The Liberal Four Heavy Hitters

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

I have in the past used the term “Heavy Hitter” as a somewhat complementary term to describe an individual or entity, but in this editorial it will be used to describe the reality of an entity, with no intent to imply any positive aspect about it.

I believe most of the conservatives in this struggle for the future of our nation have a tendency to mock and ridicule our liberal opponents as being just plain crazy in their actions and statements, lacking any common sense.

I most heartily agree, that the liberals have departed from any sign of logic, common sense, or moral concern for others, but nevertheless they are not to be underestimated for the power of their influence in the course of this nation, as they posses the four most influential assets in this struggle.

These four assets (heavy hitters) are the mainstream news media (MSM), academia ( includes all schools K through 12, to graduate school), Hollywood (the entire entertainment world), and last but not least the Democratic Party. Of the four it is academia that feeds the other three with progressively more “out of touch with reality” individuals.

Presently these four heavy hitters are daily hammering the Trump administration, and it’s conservative supporters, using lies, deception, and subterfuge. Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and others have the talent to make inane, illogical and totally false statements sound like profound statements of reality. CNN, ABC, New York Times, and others have the ability to make their news coverage and editorials convey a sense of fact, when it is all based on “unnamed sources” and contrived information that has no bases in fact whatsoever. We know this is all “fake news” but the naive masses accept it all as truth. Meanwhile the indoctrination by academia continues to turn our youth into snowflakes and literal enemies of our constitutional form of government. What ever logic and loyalty to this nation remains in the hearts of liberal student graduates, Hollywood destroys it all with their degenerate, immoral, movies, music, and TV productions.

Yet despite the influence and power these four heavy hitters possess, the conservative opposition seems to be holding it’s own, and in some cases has totally overcome the combined power of these four liberal giants. The following, I believe, are some of the reasons the conservatives are overcoming these heavy hitters:

(1) First and foremost we operate from a basis of truth and facts, while the liberals must struggle to invent false narratives that defy logic and reality, and are then required to defend their fraudulent positions when the true facts are finally exposed.

(2) We have conservative talk radio, which reaches millions of listeners. I understand Rush Limbaugh alone has over 26 million weekly listeners.

(3) We have fox news, which produces real news, not fake news as the other TV networks do.

(4) Even though google youtube facebook, and twitter have a left leaning bias, the conservatives are still able to make their voices heard through this medium and also through the internet.

(5) Lastly, Trump himself is the conservative’s greatest asset in this intense struggle for the future of our nation. There is no high profile conservative politician I know of, that would be able to stand up against the insane illogical hatred that is projected from these four “heavy hitters.” like Trump has done. I believe that it was no random chance that Trump was able to defeat sixteen seasoned republican primary candidates, and also defeat the democratic candidate who had these four heavy hitters backing her, plus many more assets, including the fraudulent Russian collusion strategy.

History has shown that national leaders such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had been put in place by Devine timing during periods of national crisis, and perhaps that is what is taking place now.


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1 Comment on The Liberal Four Heavy Hitters

  1. Yes, you may call it Divine Providence, or that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, or the latin phrase “Audaces fortuna Iuvat” – “Fortune favors the bold”, but we have repeatedly won out despite all the odds. Our trials in Portland and Vegas saw the Govt side behaving as though they were under some sort of spell, sleepwalking off a cliff. As Lavoy said, Stand, and God will stand with you…but notice – you have to stand first. We have to abolish this infatuation with the Federal Govt, Stop thinking of the Fed as arbiter and overlord, be cured of our Cults of personality about whoever occupies the White House. There is little we can do about those “Heavy Hitters” on the national level, but we CAN make a difference where the levers of power are closer to hand – at the State and local level. Idaho’s anti NDAA legislation is an example. This realistic appraisal of what is actually doable – State and local assertion of authority – is The Bundy’s credo and mine as well. If enough of us can gather in a chosen state, we can make it ours, and tell the Fed to pound sand.

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