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Hoyle Runs for Lincoln County NC Sheriff

We need more Constitutional Sheriffs! Residents of NC are encouraged to get to know this man.

Hoyle For Lincoln County NC Sheriff

Hoyle Runs For Lincoln County NC Sheriff

by Alan Hoyle

I have served our Country in Marines rising in ranks leading from 2 man teams early on, to positions of special training in Company & then Headquarters Battalion, to a section in a MAU. Leading many personnel in protecting this Country from terrorist groups, or other foreign enemies by in Maintenance, Training, NBC, Arms Training & other sections & jobs in which I honorably retired with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant with over 23+ years. I have served the county over 13 years in Lincoln County Life Saving Crew in several positions to 2nd Lt. , doing underwater diving, overseeing maintenance on vehicles, leading swift water rescue, & also serving in high level rescue. I have also served part of the county for over 20 years with Union Vol. Fire Dept. serving up to Lt., Been giving blood to Red Cross since High School. In doing all of these because I CARE. I have a business in Lincolnton now for 37 years serving a 50+ mile radius.

I have been going to church all my life, being taken Sun. morning & night as well as Wed. I surrendered my life to follow the Messiah by repenting of my sins at 8 while attending Vacation Bible School. I have served as deacon, SS teacher, boys’ leader, church school board member, trustee, treasurer, maintenance/repairer, missionary, evangelist, street preacher, as well as other jobs. I am Pro-life working to protect life. I have worked in protecting the 1st & 2nd Amendments. I have worked to protect natural marriage across our Country and protecting people from getting injustice.

My Oath to Serve & Protect against ALL enemies in the Marine Corps to the Constitution for All People, not parties of politics or special interest groups for special rights. Is one reason to run for the servant office of Sheriff of Lincoln County. I have seen & been there during violence against law enforcement & against citizens all over this Country, I do not want to see this violence in Lincoln County, but we must be ProActive not ReActive. We have a problem when we do not honor the Constitution & do not use it to guide law enforcement, judicial system, & for citizens to know & use it to hold their public servants accountable to it. Government is not an outside force, but to be the servant of, for, & by the People. My vow is to honor my Oath.

Sheriff is to organize justice, & to enforce legal laws with wisdom & knowledge in Our Constitution & Common or Natural Law. With the understanding nothing can supersede US Constitution. Is the senior law enforcement officer of & for All People. We are having problems in united States due to people feel they have no one to turn to that will protect them, giving them justice & a voice as prescribed by the Constitution as our absolute foundation, & their vote does not matter. People are not to fear law only the ones doing evil should. Anger has become a problem as well as the love of money that rules people’s motives & actions that must be addressed.

My stand is on & for Rights of People given to them by our Creator, thus People do not need permission to do what is theirs. I do hold special in my heart the 1st & 2nd Amendments with other government – restrictive guidelines in Bill of Rights & to treat others as I would want to be treated. Gov. should work for people not people for gov. Seeing need for change in Sheriff office & jail system in relation to Constitution due to my Oath I was compelled to register in Jan.’17. I do not seek this as a job for more money, wanting retirement, nor to serve a party.


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