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Sen. Heider Works For the Governor – Not the People

Gov. Butch Otter has previously vetoed a similar bill and has let it be known that he would do it again.

Sen. Lee Heider

Sen. Heider Works For the Governor – Not the People

by Shari Dovale

A debate about legalizing CBD oil for medical use in Idaho turned into a shouting match behind closed doors.

Sen. Lee Heider was overheard yelling at his committee: “The governor’s office doesn’t want this bill, the prosecutors don’t want this bill, the office on drug policy doesn’t want this bill.”

With the citizens of Idaho overwhelmingly supporting Rep. Dorothy Moon’s presentation of a bill to legalize oil extracted from cannabis plants (CBD Oil), the establishment used it’s known tactics to kill the bill.

Republican Sen. Tony Potts asked the Senate Health and Welfare Committee to give HB 577 a hearing after supporters of the bill said they were being blocked by legislative leaders.

Committee Chairman Lee Heider told members that they would discuss this bill in his office.

The AP reported hearing a lot of yelling when the members went behind closed doors to discuss the bill:

The majority of the panel – not including Sen. Maryanne Jordan, D-Boise, who said she thought the move violated Senate rules – then trooped nto Heider’s office to discuss Potts’ motion.

Heider denied a request by a reporter for The Associated Press, who followed lawmakers into the office, to sit in on the meeting.

Yells could be heard from multiple members inside Heider’s office.

The governor’s office doesn’t want this bill, the prosecutors don’t want this bill, the office on drug policy doesn’t want this bill,” Heider said, who could be heard shouting to his members by the AP on the other side of the door.

Gov. Butch Otter has previously vetoed a similar bill and has let it be known that he would do it again. Establishment Republicans seem to be catering to the Governor in their killing of the bill.

The establishment politicians that torpedoed this bill, that was only designed to help a multitude of people, do not seem to understand the concept of “Working for the people”.

It is time to elect true Liberty candidates that will explain it to them!


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7 Comments on Sen. Heider Works For the Governor – Not the People

  1. The title of this article suggests that whoever Sen. Heider is (and I honestly don’t care), Ms. Dovale has divined that he does not work for “the people”. Instead, he works for the Governor, who by inference also doesn’t work for “the people”. This mindset is curious given that one can reasonably presume Sen. Heider and the Governor have been elected by a plurality of voters to their positions, while Ms. Dovale has not. On its face, one can reasonably presume those elected officials are doing what they perceive as the people’s business, while Ms. Dovale is only a pretender. If they aren’t doing the people’s business, then by all means vote them out.

    I say this while typing very slowly so that Mr. White might not deliberately misconstrue what it is I am attempting to communicate.

    Ms. Dovale, the doofus Bundy Bunch, Black Lives Matter, whatever have the right to dissent. However, until such time as they or others with likeminded positions actually get elected to office, they have no right to speak for “the people” as Cliven Bundy presumes to a gathering of out-of-state goons he has assembled in his Quixotic attempt to avoid consequences for his not paying his bills. In other words, who the hell is Ms. Dovale to presume to be speaking for “the people”? Like I said earlier, it would be surprising if Ryan could be elected dogcatcher in Bunkerville…let alone the Governor of the State. Until either are elected, neither have the right to assert that they or their sycophant followers represent “We the People”.

    What Idaho does about CBD Oil is not my concern, just as whether the California Legislature mandates that the porn industry use condoms in their films is not my concern.

    • And I will also type very very slowly…the Governor was elected to the Executive department of Idaho’s republic…and Sen. Heider was elected to the Legislative department of Idaho’s republic. For Sen. Heider to be heard saying that the Governor does not want to allow CBD Oil is to slight his responsibility as an Idahoan Senator to his constituency (aka. The People) and to become a…let’s use a word from your vocabulary…sycophant follower of the Executive department of Idaho.

      Just because a person is elected to office does not give them carte blanche authority to do whatever they want. And really look at what was reported:

      Sen. Lee Heider was overheard yelling at his committee: “The governor’s office doesn’t want this bill, the prosecutors don’t want this bill, the office on drug policy doesn’t want this bill.”

      That is all about POWER and people in POWER…nowhere does it recognize that some people just want to be left alone to take care of their own business.

      Take a minute to study the Roman Proscriptions…whatever party was elected into office they trashed the losing party…confiscating their property and killing off the losing party…Cicero was Proscribed and had his head decapitated. Just because you are elected to office does not give you the right to do anything you want (Hitler “was elected”, Stalin “was elected”).

      A system of checks and balances was created in America to offset that power…and when a Senator uses as an excuse that the Executive department’s Governor wants something done…when it is the people of the Senator’s constituency to whom he is beholden and not the Governor…then something is serious out of perspective.

      Serious, you have to say things like “while Ms. Dovale is only a pretender” and “who the hell is Ms. Dovale”…I am embarrassed for you. Mrs. Dovale is a reporter covering a vast number of topics and opposing viewpoints on each topic.

      By the way, “plurality” means “the number of votes cast for a candidate who receives more than any other but does not receive an absolute majority.”…and in 2014 Gov. Butch Otter was elected with 53.5% which is an absolute majority and not a “plurality”…and Sen. Lee Heider was elected in 2016 with 64.05% which is not a “plurality” but an absolute majority. So I guess when you say, “… given that one can reasonably presume Sen. Heider and the Governor have been elected by a plurality of voters to their positions,…”, we have to kinda go along with “ya no wadda mean”…yes, we know what you mean, you just want attention and are only “pretending” to speak English.

  2. I suppose this means if anyone were to disagree with Shari Dovale and/or Redoubt News, this absolutely means they cannot possibly be working “for the people”. What a crock of crud. You people simply take yourselves and your douchebag ideas way too seriously.

    And speaking of douchebags running for public office, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported this morning that Ryan Bundy will be running for Nevada Governor. It will be fun to see what percentage of the vote this doofus is able to garner. I question if he could even be elected dogcatcher in Bunkerville even supposing his extended family votes for him. This would be a really good illustration to people who like to bathe in their own sewer just how much they speak “for the people”.

    • What can be done to impress upon you the sheer disdain the comment “…take yourselves and your douchebag ideas way too seriously” should be held in in light of the fact the government will institute fines taking away citizens money, break up families, slight and defame their character, lock people in jail, indict them for felonies, take away their gun rights due to that felony conviction…just for CBD Oil among other things?

      And let’s be clear, Mrs. Dovale and Redoubt News are not telling, dictating, forcing, or commanding anyone to do anything…it is the government which is curtailing liberty…and that is a dangerous trending to despicable thing.

      And what point in that long train of personal vulnerabilities, once being infringed, should they have said, “Geez, I wish I was not so serious about my liberty?”

      I must admit, P. Scheiber, this is one of the slimiest posts I have seen in a while.

      • Mr. White, this entire Bundy bull is offensive to most. I get tired driving by those two poles off I-15/Riverside Exit on SR 170 which proclaims “We The People”…as if Cliven Bundy ever spoke for even 1% of the population of this County…let alone the entire State. It is disgusting watching Black Lives Matter protesters close down freeways…while Cliven Bundy instructs his followers to close down I-15. This so that his militia can point guns/assault cops while hiding behind the duped “human shield” protesters. (Just ask any Metro Officer what they thought of that…) And now this doofus Ryan wants to be our Governor. Good luck with that.

        Certainly freedom, once lost, is difficult to recover. The current assault on the AR-15, which is safely owned by tens of millions, is a good example. With only a handful of AR-15 shootings (including that Mesquite dork that shot up the Strip last October), the fascists in the media have been given the impetus to call for our freedoms to be abridged. But the misuse of those AR-15s and Eric Parker’s SK-47 (presuming it wasn’t an automatic) only serves the fascists who are attacking law abiding citizens. Bundy, Parker et. al. all should be in jail for that assault, and should lose their civils rights under the second amendment.

        The crux of the matter is that Bundy hardly has any support in the Virgin Valley, let alone in Clark County. Redoubt News is an Idaho operation that certainly has little clue about what the residents here know about the Bundy’s, which is why I say Ryan could hardly be elected dogcatcher in Bunkerville. You folks have torn our community up with your lawless antics. That, sir, is offensive…and we have paid the price.

        Maybe a bunch of Clark County residents should travel to Idaho and shut down your freeways and assault your cops??

        • What the hell do the Bundy’s have to do with the article on CBD Oil and the reprehensible language you used on an American woman?

          So, the Tories of Boston in 1775 should have sent a letter to the Tennessee rifleman who ran 600 miles to be part of the siege of Boston and said, “How would you like it if us Boston Tories traveled down to Tennessee and surrounded your towns?” {snicker snicker}

          And make no mistake, the Bundy’s have not done one thing beyond raise cattle, fix roads, build water ponds…in all sorts of weather…for DECADES…nay, for scores of years. And nobody came into your County UNTIL the Fed’s…not local law enforcement…decided to make a concerted effort to drive Bundy’s operation off the land their cattle were grazing.

        • And to give a demonstration on the disservice your degenerate attacks on Mrs. Dovale and segue to slander the Bundy’s really does by distracting from the fact there is an important and pertinent conversation that COULD be had over at the Big Peoples Table, if we didn’t have to pay attention to your caterwauling, we could be talking about how the Framer’s would have viewed CBD Oil in the perspective of Sumptuary Laws as brought up multiple times by Colonel Mason during the Federal Convention of 1787:

          Monday, August 20, 1787. In Convention

          Mr. Mason moved to enable Congress “to enact sumptuary laws.” No Government can be maintained unless the manners be made consonant to it. Such a discretionary power may do good and can do no harm. A proper regulation of excises & of trade may do a great deal but it is best to have an express provision. It was objected to sumptuary laws that they were contrary to nature. This was a vulgar error. The love of distinction it is true is natural; but the object of sumptuary laws is not to extinguish this principle but to give it a proper direction.

          Mr. Elseworth. The best remedy is to enforce taxes & debts. As far as the regulation of eating & drinking can be reasonable, it is provided for in the power of taxation.

          Mr. Govenor Morris argued that sumptuary laws tended to create a landed Nobility, by fixing in the great-landholders and their posterity their present possessions.

          Mr. Gerry. the law of necessity is the best sumptuary law.

          Monday, September 13, 1787. In Convention
          Col: MASON. He had moved without success for a power to make sumptuary regulations. He had not yet lost sight of his object. After descanting on the extravagance of our manners, the excessive consumption of foreign superfluities, and the necessity of restricting it, as well with oeconomical as requblican views, he moved that a Committee be appointed to report articles of association for encouraging by the advice the influence and the example of the members of the Convention, oeconomy frugality and american manufactures.

          In analysis, Colonel Mason would have been in favor of adding Sumptuary Laws into the Constitution…which could easily be extrapolated to banning CBD Oil under the guise of “the extravagance of our manners”.

          However, the other Framer’s rebuttal to that…and the reason there are no Sumptuary Laws in the Constitution…was not a pro-liberty position…and was stated as: “As far as the regulation of eating & drinking can be reasonable, it is provided for in the power of taxation.”

          And thus we have no bans on sodas, salt and hamburgers…but we do have restrictive taxes on those products (some states and cities are worse than others).

          Now apply that to CBD Oil, if the government applied a $1,000 per ounce tax on CBD Oil that would be very similar to banning it outright.

          If the Framer’s did not see fit to insert Sumptuary Laws into the Constitution then banning CBD Oil has as much justification as banning sodas, salt, and hamburgers. And if the government applies a $1,000 per ounce tax on CBD Oil it will just demonstrate how petty and anti-liberty they are.

          (Note: if you try to make the argument that CBD Oil is dangerous whereas sodas, salt, and hamburgers are not…please refer to recent articles online lamenting that 40% of Americans are physically unfit to serve in the Military; CBD Oil is not the cause of that; but a combination of sodas, salt, and hamburgers can reasonably be attributed to that dangerous situation.)

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