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Green Running For Idaho 2B Seat

John Green’s campaign motto: “A Big Voice For Small Government”

John Green Announces Candidacy - Idaho Legislative District 2

Green Running For Idaho 2B Seat

John Green has announced his candidacy for District 2 Seat B in the Idaho House of Representatives.

As a tireless advocate for individual freedom and limited government, John believes government should be as unintrusive as possible in our lives.

As a businessman, John knows that lower taxes and reduced regulation promote economic growth. John states, “Taxes and bureaucracy are a strain on businesses. It’s easier to get on public assistance than it is to start a new business in Idaho. That’s just wrong! Lowering taxes and getting rid of needless regulations will strengthen the economy and put businesses, individuals & families on the path to prosperity.”

Healthcare continues to be a big issue for our state. John believes that the free market, not government, offers the best solutions to the ever-increasing cost of healthcare. Competition, cost transparency, and raising the limit on Health Saving Accounts are just a few ways Idahoans can gain more choices and control of their healthcare. John says, “Healthcare isn’t just about money. It’s about access and choices. Many Idahoans would like to have better access to alternative treatment, but the rules and regulations are stifling for alternative practitioners, forcing patients to go out of state for some of the care they want. We need to trust individuals to make their own decisions regarding their health, and allow the individual, not government and insurance companies, to make those decisions.”

John is a strong supporter of education and believes parents should have the final say in how their children are educated. The money should follow the child, not the other way around. Tax credits or vouchers could give families real choice in how they choose to educate their children.

John Green is unequivocally pro-life, a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and believes Idaho should have control of and manage the land within its borders.

John is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is a Constitutional Attorney and former Law Enforcement Officer.

John Green’s campaign motto: “A Big Voice For Small Government” is more than just a catchy phrase. John’s entire personal and professional life is a testament to the fact that he doesn’t just say it, he means it!


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