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Beate Clark for Boundary County Clerk

She is requesting your vote on May 15th for Boundary County Clerk.

Beate Clark

Beate Clark for Boundary County Clerk

I am excited to announce that Beate Clark is running for the Boundary County Clerk position. You have most likely interacted with Beate when she worked for the Bonners Ferry post office. She’s the lady that always expresses a happy, good natured demeanor. She is tall with red hair and speaks with a German accent.

Why is she qualified? She has an accounting background being formerly employed as a tax accountant earlier in her career. More recently, her tenure with the Boundary County Treasurer’s department, gave her the knowledge and experience on how the County runs. She feels there is a need to streamline the work load in several departments and she feels strongly that she would bring a fresh perspective with new ideas to the position of County Clerk. She also believes in strict voter integrity and maintaining a strong vigilance against potential voter fraud. Beate has strong organizational skills, unwavering integrity and a joyful personality that is conducive for building strong relationships and fostering an environment of team work with her associates. All excellent qualities needed for the Clerk’s position.

Currently, Beate is employed at Pro X as their accountant. Prior to moving to Idaho, she was Assistant Publisher for 12 years at the Nob Hill Gazette. She supervised a staff of 10 employees fostering a strong team spirit and camaraderie within her department. She came to the United States in 1994 and began working as a bookkeeper. She married Jeff Clark and they moved to Bonners Ferry when he was transferred here in 2011 as a Customs officer.

Beate earned her citizenship legally by following our country’s strict parameters and became a U.S. citizen in 1994. She is fluent in two languages and she loves the lifestyle and people of Boundary County. It reminds her of the town she was raised in Germany where the people cared for each other.
Beate is eager, has the passion and experience to serve our community. She is requesting your vote on May 15th for Boundary County Clerk.

Lynda Fioravanti


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2 Comments on Beate Clark for Boundary County Clerk

  1. This article is amazingly biased. Are you aware that Mrs.Clark is currently engaged in A CIVIL
    Lawsuit along with the postal service for allegedly running over someone? That someone was me, so I’m actually astounded to see her looking for such a person. The police report had misinformation given by her, and she wants to be in charge of our money?! A liar is a liar. Maybe some more info into our community candidates would do us all some good, instead of this biased one-sided attempt to promote someone you ‘deem’ a good candidate. Let’s look at all the facts and past histories, instead of blindly supporting whoever.

    • You do realize that this is a letter to the editor, don’t you? We appreciate everyone’s input on issues affecting our community, including your own highly slanted views.

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