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It’s Time To Change The Narrative

Let’s train and arm teachers who want to be armed so that psychopaths can’t walk down the hall picking their targets.

It’s Time To Change The Narrative

It’s Time To Change The Narrative

Editorial by Chris Brumbles

I recently read an article about school shootings that made a whole lot of sense. Anti-Gunners seem to foam at the mouth in anticipation of the next tragic school shooting to happen so that they can walk on the graves of dead children. Ideological and political gains seem to be their only concern. They don’t even give the parents and friends of the slain a moment to breath or grieve, and then it stays on the news until the next tragedy. This of course is because they rely on feelings instead of logic as to push their agenda of stealing what is not theirs to take…you’re RIGHTS.

In this article I read, the author makes a good point: public schools are dangerous. How many private schools or charter schools do these shootings happen in? None. Public schools are dangerous to our children and dangerous to our country, as they push UN American propaganda and indoctrination as well as being magnets for psychopaths because of their status as Gun Free zones (Also pushed by those who know what’s better for you). All of these school shootings, bombings, etc., were perpetrated by people attending, who graduated from, or were expelled from public schools. Guess what… there is no gang violence in charter or private schools either.

Maybe it’s time for the would-be tyrants to stop the constant attack on our Unalienable RIGHTS and honestly think about what is fact. I know that fact is a four letter word to the ones who worship at the temple of unlimited Government and control, but maybe it’s time for us to change the narrative. Ten years of constant RIGHTS bashing is getting tired, weak, and has accomplished nothing but to steal Rights from law abiding citizens and to grow the Leviathan of the control freaks.

Maybe it’s time to get rid of public schools and actually start teaching our kids morals and life skills again as well as making them safer. Until then, let’s train and arm teachers who want to be armed so that psychopaths can’t walk down the hall picking their targets. Good luck getting any of this past the entitled, entrenched Unions…then how would they extort more money every year while lowering results?

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder Irregulars 3%


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6 Comments on It’s Time To Change The Narrative

  1. Chris, training and arming teachers may be a place to start. I’m not too sure that the average teacher has enough “Sheepdog” in them to stand and fight, at least compared to volunteer Veterans / LEOs / Oathkeepers. There is little doubt in my mind that, if the call went out for such volunteers at Free Fire (oops, “Gun-Free”) school zones, that he turnout would be overwhelming across the country.
    Russell S. Spriggs,
    Bonner County, Idaho
    NRA Instructor # 199679679

  2. The narrative can change officially when the people demand a return to rule of law, which is the common law, which includes some basic, common sense, principles. If any of these murders were to follow the due course of law, generating trial transcripts, then official facts would be public access information, which then supplies those facts to fill the demand for those facts, thereby changing the FAKE narrative (counterfeit) to fact based discussion.

    As lies beget more lies, and as violence inspires more violence, the opposite direction works similarly, a smile is contagious, and the light of truth sparks a demand for more of the same.

    If a public trial recorded information on public access transcripts, then the perpetrator of any murder, at a school or not, would afford anyone concerned about said murder the facts in that case. Was the murderer working for someone as a paid assassin? Was the murderer groomed for violence, including the use of drugs that are known to instill violent behavior into the individual? Were there more than one long gunman involved? Were there any military drills performed at that location at that time when the murderer, or murderers, murdered the victims? Where there any paid actors acting as “victims” or “witnesses” at that location, and if so who paid them to perform that service?

    • Great post and very thought out points!! I too have always wondered about the “rest of the story” that we NEVER hear about. Just like the Vegas shootings there are never any true details provided to the public. The investigations always seem to lead to a dead end. The sheriff involved in the Vegas investigation had a very obvious FBI handler. Those outside of the MSM who question what happened in any shooting are portrayed as “kooks”. Sandy Hook has so many unanswered questions. The Nun outfits lying on the pavement or the person wearing camo that was taken into custody are just two examples. The school being torn down right away is another question. Why?? Could it be that there was a lack of evidence of gunfire?? Were the “authorities” afraid that someone with a camera would get access to the classroom in question??? We will never know anything beyond “guns bad”/”gun control good”.

      • When the people are the government through their juries in trial by the country, and the people unanimously declare a fact as one, a crime as one, and a sentence as a sentence, then said people ensure Liberty in that geographical area that may be subjected to criminal actions upon innocent victims. So that is knowable, and then there is the alternative, which is to trust that a group of people with badges, licenses, and claims of authority, will police themselves. I think such “belief” is ill founded. A good example of the people consenting to government, where people are the government, is the Martin Luther King Jr. Conspiracy Murder Trial, where the people determined – unanimously – that the government was guilt of murdering Martin Luther King Jr. That is a very good example because it ends the discussion of “conspiracy theory” in that case, as the conspiracy to murder Martin Luther King Jr. is a lawfully, authoritative, legally, determined fact. That fact leads to an obvious conclusion: the government will not police itself.

        • Joe Kelley,
          Did you know that the rifle that was said to be used to kill MLK was never tested by ballistics?? In fact in the days prior to the death of James Earl Ray the courts and Ray himself would not allow testing to occur??

          • I’ve read through the trial transcripts. The example provided in that conspiracy case (no longer conspiracy theory) ought to be understood as a modern version of the ride of Paul Revere. The government is guilty of murder, but more than that the government is criminally negligent concerning that specific murder. In other words “The British” are not coming, they are here, and they are running (counterfeiting) the government.

            From the MLK murder trial transcripts:

            Page 434

            “Then when they had the
            plea-bargaining business, I said to myself,
            here is this justice system, the most
            important American perhaps other than the
            President of the United States has been
            killed, and they are going to have a
            plea-bargaining instead of a full-scale trial
            so that a court of law can tell us, can give
            us a full transcript of what that murder is

            Since it is a proven fact that the government not only conspires to murder, it does murder, and it does not bring itself to justice: to accountability. Far from government accountability is the established fact that government murderers are highly paid, and they continue murdering unimpeded by any application of rule of law. So…someone calling a concerned member of American society today a “conspiracy theorist” in any of these routine mass murder – lone gunman – scenarios is either ignorant of the facts, or one of the conspirators aiding, and abetting, the murderers. Sure, in some cases there may be an actual individual who is singularly responsible, and accountable, for the one individuals willful actions perpetrated on their own volition, without anyone else ever having aided, abetted, or employed the lone gunman. That is possible, but the one case that was tried, involving this now routine, official, “lone gunman” story, turned out not to be a very serious deception involving many conspirators who never faced any accountability. That means that those same conspirators, including government officers, who conspired to murder, and did murder, Martin Luther King Jr. were afforded every opportunity to continue murdering, or perpetrating any crime that might please them. That also means that having no trials on any official “lone gunman” scenarios since that conspiracy murder involving the criminal government affords any subsequent murderers since Martin Luther King all the freedom, and liberty, they need to add to the list of murders perpetrated by government agents under their FAKE “lone gunman” scenario.

            So, yea, it is time to change the scenario from he said, she said, they said, to a demand for testimony under oath (under accountability for willful deception, indictment, and trial by jury for perjury), to “give us a full transcript of what that murder is about,” and thereby give us – the people – the means to defend ourselves against further murders by the same, or similar, criminals who may, or may not, have badges, licenses, official capacity, or authority.

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