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Sending Snyder to Washington

Here in rural Idaho a lot of the campaign speeches sound very similar.

Sending Snyder to Washington

Are you tied of watching our liberties slip away a little more each year, regardless of which party is in the majority? Are you tired of electing the candidate for office with the most conservative platform and then seeing no substantive change in the political landscape?

Here in rural Idaho a lot of the campaign speeches sound very similar. The candidates know they are speaking to a crowd that is primarily pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-limited government. As such you can be sure the campaign speeches will echo those values. As a previous article published by Redoubt News exposed (, these speeches are in some cases empty echos. Even candidates who seem sincere in their positions are not always prepared to “rock the boat” enough to take on Federal overreach and the erosion of our constitutionally protected freedoms.

That’s why I am so excited about sending Michael Snyder to Washington as our represtative for Idaho’s first congressional district. If you go to Michael’s campaign website ( you will see that he doesn’t mince words in hopes of staying on everyone’s good side. He is pledging to take concrete actions that back up his platform, and I for one am excited to be represented by someone who will not be content to settle comfortably into the murky slime of the DC swamp. Some have argued that a representative must be ready to compromise or government will get nothing done. I believe that “getting nothing done” would be an improvement over much of what we see coming from Washington.

Charity Catlin
Wife, mother, and voter in Bonner County, Idaho

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