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Race For Seat 1A Is No Race At All

Representative Heather Scott is a proven stand-up fighter

Race For Seat district 1A surprise heather scott

The Race For Seat A In District 1 Is Really Not A Race At All

Boundary and Bonner County voters have a simple choice to make. Do we want Representative Heather Scott, a proven stand-up fighter representing us or her opponent who is a groaning go-along-to-get-along type not known for independent thinking or being particularly energetic.

Her opponent was nearly booted from his position as the Republican precinct committeeman for the Wrenco precinct because for years he was absent from nearly 85% of the monthly meetings. Only after deciding to run for higher office did his attendance become important to him.

He also publicly complains that “his life isn’t any better” since Representative Scott was elected. Gee, so now we have a slacker who wants government to make him happy and content. He apparently got his animals mixed up when he was choosing his political party; he selected the RHINO, when he should have selected the DONKEY. His biggest endorsement is from the outgoing District 1 Senator with the lowest Freedom Index score out of 105 legislators? He is offering much less than what we currently have.

Representative Scott has been the point of the spear on so many important issues inside and outside of the District since the day she set foot in the Legislature in 2014. We are so fortunate to have her fighting for us. Whether it is local concerns like the looming Hi-Test smelter, water adjudication, public land, or statewide issues like permitless carry, pushing back on aggressive taxing districts, exposing the Boise nonsense and crony capitalism, she does not back down. We, who love Idaho for its rural and rugged lifestyle, owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her common-sense approach to government and her fearless nature. She has maintained the highest average Freedom Index score out of the 105 legislators for the past three years. No one else can claim that. She has clearly earned a third term.

So on May 15th use your vote wisely and retain Representative Heather Scott for the District 1A seat. Idaho and the US are on the verge of something great and we need her and other liberty legislators to continue to lead the charge.

Kandy Brumley
Cocolalla, ID


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2 Comments on Race For Seat 1A Is No Race At All

  1. For someone who is asking to represent the 50,000 people of Legislative District 1, he couldn’t even make the effort fulfill his responsibility of representing the Republicans in his precinct. Is that the kind of representation we want?

  2. Well stated, Kandy! Heather is a Representative of, by and FOR the people.
    As in the past, I am offering NRA Instructed Handgun Classes as fundraisers for Heather Scott. ANY individual, organization, church group, etc. who will gather 10 people (m/f, teenagers & older) for a gun class is welcome to contact me; all proceeds after expenses go the Heather’s re-election campaign fund. Last year, hundreds of dollars were raised. I’d like to see that go to the “thousands” this year, as we safely train our citizens in the proper use of their Second Amendment right. As an added bonus, this fundraiser qualifies graduates for the standard Idaho Carry Permit; See Heather’s endorsement of this training at: .

    Additionally, I offer LEO Concealed Carry (LEOSA HR213) Recertifications on a donation-only basis. From now through May, all money donations made by Law Enforcement personnel for their Concealed Carry Recerts will go to Heather’s Campaign Fund.
    Thanks and Blessings!
    Russell S. Spriggs, KI7BIV
    NRA Instructor #199679679

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