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Live Interview with Gary Hunt

Live Interview with Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt, Out-Post of Freedom, Live with Shari Dovale of Redoubt News. Discussion to include Operation Mutual Defense, Ryan Payne, Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Timothy McVeigh, and more

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  1. This occurred to me later after the chat during the video interview touched on the subject of vetting who was on the OMD board. These were people from areas far away from each other and I am sure some vetting was done. But imagine the vetting of a person who was known locally and a Son of Liberty then turning out to be an informer-spy-traitor:

    One of the lesser-known British spies was a Harvard-trained physician, an active member of the Sons of Liberty, and a participant in the Boston Tea Party. His name was Dr. Benjamin Church.

    It was later discovered that Church had been working with the British since at least 1772, and may have even published loyalist articles under a different name. He may have been influenced by his English wife or his expensive tastes. His accounts indicate that he spent freely, but that his funds were always mysteriously replenished before they were completely depleted.

    Dr. Benjamin Church was effectively the first Surgeon General of the United States Army, serving as the “Chief Physician & Director General” of the Medical Service of the Continental Army from July 27, 1775 to October 17, 1775.

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